$10,000 is up for grabs in the Threadless Loves your Favorite Tee Challenge!

  • by the ThreadStaff
  • posted Oct 11, 2011

Imagine the tee you'd wear every day. If this tee went missing, you'd call in sick to work. You'd buy two of this tee just so you'd have something to wear on laundry day. The tee that would make you feel more like yourself. The tee that starts a new trend. The tee that, if you didn't wear it, people wouldn't recognize you.

We want to know what your tee looks like. Your challenge is to design your favorite tee.

And here's the big news: We're giving you $10,000 to design this shirt! Why? Well, we expect you to wear it 5 times as much as any other shirt. It is your favorite tee, after all.

So start designing your uniform, your second skin, your "you" shirt. Then submit it. Because maybe it's our favorite tee too!

Here’s the link to the challenge page.

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Veeery interesting!

jublin profile pic Alumni


i hope this means people will really embrace their own style/aesthetic so we see all sorts of unique super tees.

tracerbullet profile pic Alumni

that's a lot of zeroes

pyr4lis profile pic Alumni

hah thats hard!! my favorite tee has already been printed ;) I've bought like 3 of them and cry each time i ruin one.

L-M-N-O-P profile pic Alumni

Aaron, Aled, and Alex are banned from submitting, right?

Good. That's settled. Triple A ban.

reags profile pic Alumni

authorL-M-N-O-Pdate on Oct 11, 2011time at 17:27:48Aaron, Aled, and Alex are banned from submitting, right?

Good. That's settled. Triple A ban.

you forgot Mathiole. Quad-ban for world peace!

queenmob profile pic Alumni

I vote for triple A ban! :-D

Holy shite that's a lot of money.... If I win it I will donate it to the "foundation of people who are fed up with ninja designs" (FPFND)

Ryder profile pic Alumni

I've got a great idea for a shirt... picture like... harry potter animals... hanging from banners...

L-M-N-O-P profile pic Alumni

I'm the admin of the FPFND website.


Anna-Maria, if you ever stop subbing ninja designs, the world will implode and everyone will die. The sacrifice is too great...think of the children.


Really awesome! Can't wait the subs on this challenge!


It'll be really cool to see lots of collabs here...

gumbolimbo profile pic Alumni

any consolation prizes for some of the runners up? Like, a lifetime supply of tissues for all the non-win-weeping?

Bramish profile pic Alumni

This is a tough one - I know for a fact that anything that I would class as my favourite tee is not going to appeal to most voters and would not sell well at Threadless.

So if I'm going to enter the contest to win I basically need to ignore the theme, which makes no sense.

It's more 'Threadless Loves Your Favorite Tee (as long as it's also lots of other people's favorite tee)"

Go ahead and prove me wrong, but I'll be surprised if something wins that doesn't have some kind of mass appeal. That of course would be logical from a business point of view, but it would narro down the theme for this contest, which as Leon said is really really vague.

Fleck profile pic Alumni

People do what they love best though, so I hope we see a lot more individual styles coming out like jublin said. Although $10 000 is enough to make anyone design anything if they think it'll be popular!

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

Man, way to buzzkill Bram.

We're all over here jumping around happily in the swirling money dance chamber Threadless is giving us!

But you're right, as soon as I saw this theme I thought "Wow...that's one again a comedically large pile of money and so cool of Threadless!" And then I thought, "So...this theme is basically a more commerically centered version of the 101010 contest, and everyone's just gonna submit pretty everything they make for the next three weeks to this and hope they have what Threadless is looking for?"

The best bet is to keep doing what most people here do already- make designs they themselves would wanna wear all the time anyway. It's kind of like the perfect gift contest right now, where the winner isn't the artist who makes the absolute best thing for their intended person, but the one that hits a lot of other people's happy bones as well. That's hard to plan for, unless you want to make something vague about vampires or what have you that you're not fully committed to.

I just hope the Atrium isn't the only place more inspired themes are heading to now, other than when it's to design for a new kind of product (totes, polos, etc).

d3d profile pic Alumni

it's essentially a $10k bestee of the year isn't it? i've never won a bestee of any kind. i'm not about to start now.

jublin profile pic Alumni

Yeah that's kind of what I mean. There are a lot of people that know what works on this site. They do it well. And they do it their own way. It's just as vague as all of the previous big $$ contests, but I think this one puts emphasis on doing your own thing rather than catering to the masses. Whatever though, it's always the same deal in the end. Make something amazing. Get paid.

Bramish profile pic Alumni

I'm all for contests like this that allow people to embrace their own style and taste, but at the end of the day, Threadless aren't going to pay $10k for something that won't sell, and I reckon that's going to prevent a lot of great designers honestly designing for themselves, which is apparently what the theme of the contest is.

Not trying to be a sour puss, but I know there's no point in me entering.

gumbolimbo profile pic Alumni

Of course, with Threadless Loves, you best not read the brief too literally. Try to walk in their shoes and think about what kind of designs they need, if you want to win, that is. But that has always been the case with loves contests, right?

Bramish profile pic Alumni

Sure, but that first paragraph is hard to take any other way than "design something YOU fucking love". Sure it'll be possible for a lot of designers to design something they love that would also be popular here, but I'd find that really tough, as I'm sure a lot of other designers here would.


NICE! its great when tless does this! its annoying when people complain about it.

Montro profile pic Alumni

This is so great. I hope the turnout is massive, these comps tend to bring out the best in all the participants.

Bramish profile pic Alumni

its annoying when people complain about it.

Assuming you're talking about me, I'd like to think I was discussing rather than complaining.

Tonteau profile pic Alumni

I can see your point, bram. But I'm blatantly going to enter this contest and you should to. Because you never know when you might hit a top idea and because hope, even in small measure, is important.

EZFL profile pic Alumni

It's more 'Threadless Loves Your Favorite Tee (as long as it's also lots of other people's favorite tee)" Exactly. There's going to be so many low scores and a few super high predictable ones.

I'll prob submit something, but it will look like every other one of my subs.

Bramish profile pic Alumni

I'll enter it if I get an idea I'd actually love to see printed so I personally could wear it. My Select might have been something I'd have done for it, but based on the way that's selling I reckon if it had been up for voting it would have barely broken 2.

xiv - I reckon you have a chance at this. Along with a few names that spring to mind (band-it, sweet n sour, B7, tesco...) - people whose usual style is pretty personal, pretty recognisable, pretty unconventional for Threadless and yet still pretty popular.


I have a great idea for this design challenge, but the obstacle is that Threadless restricts the number of colors per shirt. And I need a lot LOT more than 6 colors. Any ideas?

Bramish profile pic Alumni

Simulated Process

Farnell profile pic Alumni

Great but seriously tough challenge, the winner will probably be a classic threadless shirt like 'Spolit' or 'house Brawl'.

emeryg profile pic Alumni

Tough one as everyones favorite tee is probably different - I know mine changes each week :) there are some you just want to wear everyday that hold something special for me way back in the day it was Communist Party, now more recently its Attacking Panda so I guess we just need to tap into that special something that sets them apart from the rest - but ain't that what we strive to do with every Threadless entry?

Wow great incentive to pull our creative finger out Threadless and make it happen!

aled profile pic Alumni

I've got an idea. It's called 'Communist Party'. More details to follow.

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