Critical Mass

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Things are reaching critical mass! An abstract reaction to current world events. Open to your own interpretation! rnrnThe spheric mass in real life is a hollow clay egg shaped form I made, then carved an ancient Baltic labyrinthe into it before firing. rnrnCurious what you think people! And if you make a critique, I will return the favour likewise. :)


OK I have added an extra sphere and tried out a couple of different placements on the tee. Which one do you like the best? Any critiques welcome... and I try and return the favour. :)


I think the drawing is very good and the sphere on the shoulder is the icing on the cake, anyway i prefere the darker background, the yellow one is too much contrast!


yeah i think it look better on darker bg..try to play around more with the angle, sizes and placemet on shirt

Anyways, i just post a new version of Nature Only Hope v3 if u want to

give a critique and my first design Love

Thy Nature is up for scoring..if u got time check it out! if u already scored it thank you so much..i'll

return the favour ('',)v


I too like it on the black one, but prefer the layout of the one on the yellow one. I think this is my fav of all your pieces :) I admit I don't quite know what is going on here.. but it kinda looks like a space theme sorta..? If so, I think maybe adding some stars in the distance would really make it pop. Good luck :)


The darker version is way better, and if you do submit this, please include the larger image of the drawing as well, as in the first version. It's kinda difficult to see it clearly in this one.


OK further developed this one a little, and as an abstract conceptual image, I sure hope it works better this time! Any critques, I gladly respond in kind so do leave a link if you would like a comment back! Thanks!


Great design! Maybe the whole composition should be centered just a little more on the tee.


I like the destructiveness of it all. And thanks for the comments on my design, it's up for voting nowhere! Please vote!


Nice design .. i like the yellow one also.. it makes the design pops...

i need a feedback on mine if you have a chance

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