Man builds hobbit house for £3k/ under $5k

one of the websites running the story

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So it kinda looks like the LOTR hobbit homes, but maybe it was just designed as an eco home?

Either way, I thought it was a nice story. Have you ever built your own house? I've seen some blogs in Thailand where people have made their own house in the North/Central Eastern areas.

Would you like to live in one of these? :)

Watch this

The house is in Wales btw.


I'd love to live in an earth structure. There's a lady in the area that has a straw/hay bale house that doesn't require any air conditioning or heating due to it's orientation towards the sun, materials, and the way it's set into the earth. I want something like this.

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that's actually really lovely. It's so

down to earth.


ha ha Kathleen!

@applesforjonah Yeah, I think it looks really nice. Wales is quite cool, so it would be fine to live like that. Thailand is much hotter, so it would need a bunch of solar panels on the roof to power fans or a//c.

The most amazing thing is how cheap it would be too build, if you had the knowhow. That would surely give that family a real sense of freedom if they didn't have any mortgage payments.


down to middle earth!


This is way cool! Not only is the cost amazing, the 5 months building time too! I'd think you need some solid experience in house building before you can make it a success though.

Friends of mine are actually building their own house in southern France, or rather converting an industrial hangar into a dwelling. Not as eco-friendly as the hobbit house, but they're aiming for organic materials and energy conservation as much as reasonable. It's well under way and already livable after 3 years of (almost) a single person's work of 5-hour days. It's the 6th or 7th house this guy has built for himself so far! I'm in charge of electricity in this project and enjoy it immensely =)


On one of the websites, it said that he didn't have any previous experience, but on his homepage he mentions all of the requirements-so he obv. did his research.

Good work Manupix! Good luck to your friends in France.


@opifan64 yeah it looks really nicely made

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It's depressing that you could build like FORTY of these cool hobbit homes for what I paid for my tiny bachelor.

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