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Water critters

  • by ciaranh
  • posted Oct 07, 2011

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Sweet turtles, but I think their characters don't fit to the character of the fish.


I agree with the above. The turtles are very sweet and while both the turtles and fish are well illustrated (love your artwork), they don't seem to go together.

I would like to see a shirt like this with the turtles that you have, only for there to be more details in the water (seaweed, coral, bubbles etc...), along with some other sea creatures that have the same sweet look at the turtles or even just more sweet turtles doing various things in the water w/ various expressions on the turtles. And have the scene go all the way round. Perhaps the turtles could be of varying ages (baby, Mama, Dad etc...) and portray various personalities. Ciaranh, It's your illustrated dream world of turtles- what sorts of personalities do you think turtles would have? What sorts of things do you think they would enjoy doing? Swimming, eating and what else? Make your sweet little turtles come alive, give them each something to say about who they are and who you want them to be (without word bubbles, but conveyed through the details of what you illustrate).

I do love the fish, but it is too different from the turtles; it needs its own shirt design.

With changes, I love to see it in a Girly XS, V-neck w/ t-shirt length sleeves (which is about mid upper arm).

Those sweet little turtles- sure do make me smile. A shirt line of 'under the sea' comes to mind. Sweet sea horses in one, sweet turtles in another etc... . Then a shirt which combines through interacting by way of illustrations your favourite characters from various under the sea characters.

I really do love your illustrations and I can't wait to see what you come up with next. You are definitely a talented illustrator and I love your illustrations.

I'm so excited to watch your illustration skills grow. And I love the sweet turtles on this shirt so much, that if offered in a V neck with t-shirt length sleeves (such as the sleeves in the photo), I would quite likely buy the shirt.

Wishing you much success and keep at it, keep t designing, keep illustrating. You're doing great!!!


I'd love to see the turtles without the fish, or with the fish illustrated in the same flat and simple style so it's consistent. :)


If the fish had the same eyes as the turtle, this would be perfect. Still cute though.

zenbolic vision

عمل رائع means good work ! !!!! 5 $ !!!!

Anishaxx1 profile pic Alumni

Cute turtles! I agree about the fish looking different style, but very sweet characters.


thanks for all the comments guys, i have just submitted a new tshirt with these turtles again and i've taken all the your advice, it's pending at the moment but i hope ye like it :)

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