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What a catastrophy! This design clearly still needs work; What do you think should be changed?


I would get rid of the flame in the background since its the only one. It doesn't seem to help balance the piece at all, so its only serving to help strengthen the idea, however, since you only have the one its somewhat lost I feel. I think all the elements you have included (with the exception of the flame) are well placed and should all stay. The shirt color might be an issue for some, but I like it! I would suggest focusing on smoothing out the lines for the entire piece, and possibly add a texture or two. Nice work! great idea! can't wait to see it finished =] I have two designs that I would love you to look at if you have the time :) Jaguar Bass and Worlds of color Thanks!


Let us know what you think of this catastrophic shirt


looks better than v1 that's for sure, i do like it better an orange than yellow, it kinda reminds me of Halloween (not sure if ur going for that, but this way is good so stick with it)

the running ppl are good, except the girl lol this makes me laugh she looks like she is jogging. lol its like she was jogging from before the cat came along and just kept going. in other words she looks too comfortable to be running scarred.

Maybe try it with both her arms in the air like u see cartoons run when frightened. cool idea...

Is it just me or does the cat look weird? its legs i mean look odd. It makes me wanna ask how is it standing? it kinda looked like it tripped and is about to fall?

Please help me out with my design, its actually up for scoring and i could really use the votes

please vote for me,designs


i agree. great feedback. The cat has black shading which doesnt show because of the new black backround

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