Dear Threadless bloggers...

Hello, I'm going to do one more sub and then open a new account. I know people have said, what's in a name-and it doesn't matter, but I really don't like the name and want a fresh start.

See you in a bit!


Still love Threadless, even though it's an unrequited love! :P

Watch this

I'm Thomas Orrow btw! :)


:D I think it sounds cooler! working on my last sub now. It's a good un!


hey badbasilisk thanks for all of your comments on this account.

I'll definitely be following your amazing art under the new account Thomas Orrow.


haha! well I will have to leave this account alone after my last sub.



yeah, sure. that's a gud point. will do!


Cheers Rodrigo!


its a good way to start new! - even if its just in your head. not that id know anything about that kinda thing :)


Yeah, definitely. I'll be really thinking about my first sub. I like the idea of a fresh start as all of the subs feel like they're stopping me from making loads more,


Hey thanks art & Dexter S, Just glad to have known all these nice people on here, and hopefully won't forget me, when I change over.



files in brain for future reference

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I had fake account(s), didn't get anywhere with those, I think this is a better way to do it, maybe someday I'll do that, when I reach 500 designs which could be in couple of months;)


Ah, thanks guys. Well, I hate to look like a complete attention seeker. But, I really did need need a change, and have to do this.

Also, it's better if I say it, rather than being all hush hush about it.

@ Theo yeah, sure-gud luck with your stuff mate @ArTrOcItY yes, it's like that as my surname is similar

Thx Goldendust

@ parallelish yeah, congrats-I seem to recollect that.....


mmm yeah, clean slate and all Ms. Mysterious :) Clutter is not good!

Thank you Marco.

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I liked Boycey, he will be miss

this guy Thomas better be cool like boycey was.


Cheers guys!

ha ha thanks Nestor!

@GyleDesigns are you Nathanw's brother? I like the name.


so close to 40k votes, though


What's wrong with Boycey? In any case on the morrow the name will be Orrow. Thomas Orrow. Oh, I see now. You just want to be able to say your name like James Bond. It all makes sense now.


so close to 40k, but then again, I'm not really into numbers! :)

@thirteendaisies Oh, I just don't like it anymore. I wanted to use just Tom, when I first signed up, but somebody had that already. Yeah, it's just a play on words, not my real name.

Last sub.


I'll keep this account open, because of the slogans to design stuff. Maybe, I'll keep it for more experimental/ controversial stuff.

Goodbye, Tom.

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See you on the other side!

I'm thinking of doing the same thing. My slogans were the only thing holding me to this account, but now that they're going bye- bye, I may adopt a less- cumbersome handle.

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I'm just assuming you spelled Arrow wrong for your new name right? Man, what a crappy way to start off your new account :p

Good luck buddy!


Oh can you not change your threadless name?

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