Darwin's Dream

  • by spook76
  • posted Oct 04, 2011

Watch this

Thoughts on Evolution.


haha! I would work on adding a bit more detail. Something to suggest a tweed texture on the waistcoat perhaps? i would finish off the monocle as well by adding a chain that goes down and into a pocket on the waistcoat. I would vary up the pattern of the scales as well. He could have a rolled up newspaper under his fin as well to show his evolution a bit more. Nice touch with the bubbles coming out of the pipe.

If you have a sec, would love your comments and scores on one of my designs http://www.threadless.com/submission/373505/Part_of_the_Crew


yeah,, I am a bit torn, I usually do more detail but this one, I wanted to keep simple. For now. I will try out some of your suggestions, thanks a lot!

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