Does anyone oil paint?

I like to, here's my best one. Post any of yours if you have any:)

Watch this
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Yes. This is nice. I love to do animals and portraits in oil.


Rachel Ray Gun on Oct 04 '11 at 7:41pm Yeah! Oil painting rules! Your image is broken though. I just did this one for a show. Also, someone should totally buy it.

For $1,500? That's an expensive typo.

I like it PudgePuggle. I like the eyes especially.


Thanks Adhesive Hippo. I understand where Rachel Ray Gun is coming from, I become very attached to my art. I also spent immense amounts of time on my paintings.

Rachel Ray Gun
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It's not really a matter of being attached to it. It's a matter of not undervaluing your work in a competitive industry! Don't forget, we pay $2,000 for tee designs, and rightfully so. Undervaluing your work is bad for everyone in the arts. Read this!

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