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This is Not My Time Machine

  • by dervishlg
  • posted Oct 03, 2011

This is Not My Time Machine

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This would make an incredible hoodie, with the zipper separating Bill/Ted and the Doctor from their mismatched time machines.

Emmy Cordner

I got this shirt last Christmas and the seaming and printing was very messed up. If you put it on then the side seaming on the left is half on my stomach half on my back, not my side. The printing was a bit crooked. I was so excited to recieve this t-shirt because I am a huge WHOVIAN, but I was very depressed when I noticed the way it was made.


This shirt came in the mail today, and I think it may be my new favorite. Bill and Ted? LOVE. Doctor Who? LOVE. Excellent shirt! :-D


Like Emmy Cordner below, I purchased the first edition of this shirt last year and the quality was horrible - completely unlike anything I'd purchased from Threadless in the past. The seams were crooked, the printing was askew, and the shirt itself was very thin. Thinking the poor quality was a fluke, I exchanged it for another one. The new shirt I received wasn't much better but because I loved the design so much I didn't try to exchange it again. Now that it's been reprinted, I'm wondering if the reprint is of better quality. I'd gladly purchase it again while it's on sale if the quality is better.


I want this so bad!!!!!!!


loveeeee this shirt


i remember Abed with this shirt on "Community".

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