This is Not My Time Machine

  • by dervishlg
  • posted Oct 03, 2011

This is Not My Time Machine

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I love it! I just ordered this shirt, I can't wait for it to get here :D


Who are the two above?


This should be front/back, imo. Or at least somehow putting them at a distance from one another.


Prefered the t-shirt before the redesign but oh well


1st design was much better. no idea who the guys in grey r


I loved the original with Dr. Who, Marty McFly, and the dude from "The Time Machine," why was this changed? Dx


Hah, Bill and Ted from Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure. Might just have to get this. :D

Sun Dog

I like both designs very much, but the current one is cleaner, if slightly less funny. Even better would be to add Bill and Ted to the first design! :D


I like it and ANY mixing of time travel themes. Especially since I'm currently catching up with the Dr. Who craze.


I am so disappointed! Would have loved Dr Who's mixed with Marty McFly's time machines. I feel like less folks know Bill and Ted. =o(


i think this works better than the original -- i prefer the similar shapes of the police box to phone booth, and i didn't like the red on navy

Frankie Frank

This is an awesome shirt!!! Two of my favorite things. Dr. Who and threadless. :)

Bio-bot 9000
Bio-bot 9000 profile pic Alumni

Wow, quite different from the original sub. Congrats, nonetheless!


This is the most amazing shirt I have seen in possibly ever.

A.L. Silver

Birthday shirt for my birthday, yes.


Approval, very much so, yus :D


This is the most amazing shirt I have seen in possibly ever.


This is the best shirt ever!


Boo. I wish it had people from Back to the Future. Alot more people know them.


Ok. This comment is for kfraggle and others who want Dr. Who and Back to the Future. Probably not a good idea to advertise another t-shirt website on a t-shirt website but... My husband found this a while ago and I really like it and want to share: Hope this helps.


I liked the original one better! I must confess... I don't even know what that other thing (not Doctor Who) is about. :P


Thats Bill and Ted!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love the T!!!!!!!!!!!!

Turtledove Sisters

Awesome! Love the Doctor and Bill and Ted so much :)


thats the 10th doctor though...what about 11th??


Absolutely love this design over the original one. Not enough Bill & Ted references floating about, so this is great.


I love it! I didn't get it at first, but now I do - Bill & Ted were awesome. But I can't really picture the doctor just standing there while his TARDIS has been replaced - he would throw a fit.


That's adorable! I would wear this!


like it but i really wish it was BTTF and DW. greatest mashup ever.


So awesome! Nice color choice and layout. Anyone who has seen either will get the references. Though I do wish it were the TARDIS and the DeLorean, but Bill & Ted's phone box fits better on the shirt.

For anyone not familiar with the non-Doctor Who reference, here's the link to the IMDB page:

Not-So-Dark Lord

Fantastic! I'm a huge Doctor fan! And this may sound pretentious but where did you take this picture? I was in London a bit ago and the background looks incredibly familiar? It may not be london at all but I felt compelled to ask :)


I'm the strange woman with the Tardis Door (google tardis door glasgow) that went viral on boxing day (December 26th). Originally it was just the police box, but maybe I ought to branch out and find some appropriate days (April 1st springs to mind) to create a facade faux pas and temporarily horrify the neighbours. Great shirt!


This is awesome :) love it! :D


i would be happy with just bill n ted and the tardis, more subtle :)

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