Day of the Dead Panda: DTG

Day of the Dead Panda: DTG

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The mockup could be a little better but I'm glad to see this printed. Honestly I'm surprised it's even a DTG print instead of a normal print. It's a great design.



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This is fantastic! Awesome work Jason!

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clean, so cool. congrats

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Thanks everyone! This was an idea I had that Enkel brought to life. Without him this wouldn't exist, so thanks to him for his great talent!


Not really feeling this one. Feels like threadless standards are getting lower. Congrats, though.


I don't know what all the hot fuss is about. It's a very simple, clever, striking design and it's going on mah chest (in 2-3 weeks of shipping)


This needs to go standard Threadless release now! Love it.




it worth to reprint


are shirts still printed on American Apparel tees? I havent been here in a while, it used to say so... Maye I'm just missing it. If not, anyone know what kind of shirts?


is this pima or organic?




Want this reprinted


great!! this one must be in a hoodie!!! :)


@nomad and @enkel, I would love to have permission from the both of you to get this as a tattoo, my birthday is coming up and i kinda have an obsession with pandas. I've been having a difficult time finding something unique to do. I want it as a chest piece with no change to the design but with added background. Im so inlove with this idea. :D my email is


This is BS. Seriously. The Day of the Dead is not some cute touristy thing that you play with before you go back to your surburban home. This is a serious part of Latin@ culture, and putting the makeup on, while slapping it on a cutesy t-shirt with a panda... Dia De Los Muertos is someone's CULTURE, not a cutesy t-shirt for you.


I was wearing this on a recent vacation to San Antonio and I had 3 different people come up to me wanting to know where to get it. One in particular was this Mexican woman who was waiting on us because her teenage daughter was obsessed... OBSESSED she told me... with both Dia De Los Muertos and pandas.

I'm totally going to get a boat neck version too.


Cultural appropriation is not cool.

Seriously get over it! There is nothing disrespectful about this shirt or embracing it. By being over the top "Politically Correct" you are becoming exactly what your fighting against. Stop worrying about nothing and go out and actually make a difference....donate your time or a at a food bank. Actually help someone and stop bitching about a tee shirt.

North pole

Please reprint the print


A great design... and I don't understand that issue with "cultural appropriation". I'm Mexican and I think this is one of the coolest "día de muertos" related designs. I mean, even adidas has some "DoD" product line...


Panda catrina :)


reprint please, someone stole mine..


Im a husky guy and I have other 2XL sweaters I could barely fit one arm in. These sweaters aren't meant for bigger people.


The hoodys are tiny...i usually wear a medium T so bought a medium hoody and it is very tight....sold out now so can't up size....the size info is wrong.....just a warning to everyone......just so you don't waste your money buy 2 sizes larger than you would usually.....annoyed.....


Ugh as if the two generic "Native American wearing a headress" shirts weren't bad enough, let's add some appropriation of Mexican culture too


I love this shirt - I get so many compliments on it! And I live in a HUGE Mexican populated area, no one has been offended by it. In fact, most people ask where I got it and if there are other animals. Bring back the men's tee in this shirt!! :-)


Please bring back this design! I really want this shirt! I have money, please allow me to give you money in exchange for this shirt!


Please bring back this design! I really want this shirt! I have money, please allow me to give you money in exchange for this shirt!


Please bring back this design! I really want this as a shirt! Look how many people want to buy it, let us give you money!

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