A Butterfly Effect

A Butterfly Effect

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i LOOOOVE this design!! Too bad the t-shirts cut is so bad :(

moulin bleu
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beautiful print, congrats!


Such a happy female model. LOL

mr feaver
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Freakin' fantastic- pull a wing off a butterfly in N.C. AND CAUSE A TSUNAMI in JAPAN... which causes a nuclear meltdown in Fukishima... and a zygote explodes in a petrie dish in a hospital lab in Munich-causing a fertilized egg to potentiate a new life,from perfect Chaos-the 3rd character in the Chinese Calligraphic Alphabet: Man-Woman-Chaos- = You cannot make an omelette without breaking eggs-or a revolution-or an evolution = perfect chaos=perfect order =perfect chaos-until you cannot distinguish one from the other -=Kali-= CREATION =DESTRUCTION= ANY LIFEFORM=CHAOS=Beginning AND ENDING...


This is pretty awesome. I like all your designs man. My question to you is, if I would be allowed to get this design tattooed on myself. If not I totally understand. I just love this design and the almost good vs evil sides.


what size is model wearing?


The Tshirt would look better if it was on a plain white shirt.... lost customer here..


I hate these cream colored shirts...ruins it for me every time. Dang.


should've been in black, art is nice though


Reprint on WHITE please!


got it, love it


Says 9.95 on clearance with filters in place. clicked on, shoots to full price D:


Need a reprint on the shirt version. Great shirt, but the one I have had some manufacturing defects in the shirt that didn't become apparent until a month or so of ownership.


I love love love this design, but I wish the hoodie was a color other than white. Cream, gray or brown would have all been good choices.


Would love this hoody in any color but white. I am too much of a slob. Beautiful design:-))

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