Where Rainbows Come From

  • by Lin-d-z
  • posted Oct 02, 2011

Watch this

First time submitting so was just wanting some feedback before I officially put this in! Thanks!


woah already fixing this. I looked on a different computer and it's a lot more...neon than on my computer.


Illustrator does the trick. Redraw the lines in Illustrator, and yes, make them a bit thiner. And watch the colors, you have 9 or 10 going on here (you need 8). Make the eyelashes the same as all the other lines, maybe darken the color itself a bit to get a midtone that favors both areas. Good design though.


nice idea! i agree with the others that the line work is a bit too heavy here, if you make it finer it will look better. I would make the eye the same blue outline as the rest of the graphic as theres nothing else thats black and that would bring down your colour total. Its hard with only 8 colours to play with.

If you have a sec, would love your comments and scores on one of my designs http://www.threadless.com/submission/373505/Part_of_the_Crew


Thanks everyone! Working on thinning the lines now and adjusting the colors. Yeah I hadn't even paid any attention when I was coloring and went all over the place but have it edited down to 8 now. Thanks for the tips!

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Ahahaha very cute idea!! I was going to write but then everyone else already said what I was going to lol! Want to see the new version!

Anyway, would you care for a quick input on my design as well? it'd be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance!

"The Storyteller"


Great advice here, really all I can add is yes, looking forward to seeing the next version (tho I don't mind the heavy lines!) Very funny! love the rounded belly of the beast!


Version 2! Completely redid the lines in Illustrator (ohman how did I ever not know about this program??) and edited the colors down to just 8.


**already noticing some problem areas in the rainbow that I'm working on.


Oh bugger it all I forgot the white counted. So either the wing or the bow and heart are out. I can't figure out which though...


You could always change the heart and the bow to the same purple you used as the rainbow, that way they both can stay =] nice job, its funny, and looks good!

I have two designs that I would love you to look at if you have the time :) Jaguar Bass and Worlds of color Thanks!


i'm not the colors girly type but i really like it coz of the chubby cuteness :D submit it :)


Changed the color on the bow and heart to match the purple in the rainbow as suggested and changed the purple overall so it stands out from the shirt more

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