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nice idea and lovely illustrations of the hands and shirt cuff details. I love the placement of the design on the tee as well, really works with the transformation happening from the different forms. I cant think of any improvements now, i think its working very well as it stands!

If you have a sec, would love to have your comments and scores on one of my designs


I like the idea but i don´t know if some colour can improve the design a little bit...

me and the devil

Great style and idea! You should keep the circles though. They would make it look good on dark shirts, too and emphasize the light and shadow scene. The last figure is not too well recongnizable yet. If it is a goat you should attach a small beard.

Care for a LAST MINUTE vote on my space age icarus? ;)

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This is awesome!

Awesome detail on the illustrations!

The thing I see right now is that the design is too blown out. It's almost blending with the white. You could try making the lines darker, so it will give it a better contrast! I also think you should try some different colors. if you use some light blues or on a "Sand" shirt, they would definitely make the design look great! Specially sand, it would give the design a Retro feel to it. Anyway, hope these suggestions help!

Anyway, would you care for a quick input on my design as well? it'd be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance!

"The Storyteller"


I love the idea and the execution...and I don't say that very often! I say submit it.

And if you have a chance to to take a look at mine, I'd appreciate it.

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