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  • by andy921
  • posted Sep 26, 2011

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I've been working on this idea in AutoCAD (I'm an engineer). I was wondering what you guys thought so far.rnrnI wanted the olive branch to look like stylized sage but I'm having trouble keeping it simple. rnrnAlso, I have to figure out colors and maybe a distressed texture as well as letters. I'm replacing E Pluribus Unum with a Sioux saying meaning "We are all related."


If anyone has a better title I'd like to hear it


i'd love to see this on a tee.. but good start

My design is up for scoring, if you have time, please comment and score: Solving Rubiks Cube


very striking! I instantly thought it would look great as stitch, either one colour or the elements coloured... take it one step further, that distressed texture you mention printed first... may look awesome... medieval cross modern... just brainstorming here :) The riveted look in the wings is very steam punk, nice! As to the sage, what about just three leaves or enlarging one into a styalised sceptre or shield type shape? Ok looking further at this, is that an errant line in the centre making a right angle? Just looks out of place. And as to title, hmmm.. it's a herald, a crest... of what? unity, as your quote is about being related? something else? Deadly design, I will look forward to seeing it develop :)


I replaced the olive branch with white sage as it symbolizes something of the same idea for native americans (peace pipes and whatnot). I hope it doesn't look to much like pot.

I still need to fix the wings, figure out the colors and I need a better name.


Good overall design. I, too, would like to see it on a shirt or model template. Like others have said, it seems suitable for stitching, too. I see an X and couple of lines and a square in the center that may be unintended.


I did it in AutoCAD (I'm an Engineer) and just took a screenshot for now. The extra lines are the X and Y axis.


I still need to fill it in with colors, clean it up and figure out how out how to do the letters.

The slogan is Sioux for "We are all related" which seemed a nice replacement for "E Pluribus Unum"

Any advice?


Sorry about the pixels. I drew it in AutoCAD (I'm an engineer) and just took a screenshot.

I plan on importing it into a different program to add color and whatnot.


This Is a good design but over done. This needs more research with the design. I am Native American good luck with your design.


Is there anything I ought to know to make it better? I would very much appreciate any help.

What makes it overdone? Is it just too much detail on the wings or was it trying to mash together to many different styles of artwork?

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Its just that If you were to goodle native american art this is what you would see. I guess I just would like to see something like a little more of your own designs inspired by this kind of art.


I agree I would like to see more of your own twist to the basic native american designs.




I worked out some bugs with my original. It's still far from complete and I still have no idea how to color it in.

I'd appreciate advice you might want to give me. What do you guys think?


Looks good, but I think there will be a problem with the thin lines (the shield outline and the details on the feathers) Also not quite sure about the text - is it really needed?


I don't understand the words but I think this would look good on a tee..try using some of the tee templates..:)

I have a design up for scoring, I'd really appreciate it if you could score and comment on it.Thanks!:) Alien


I think the design is great and the message is clear. You could simplify it a bit more losing the red stripes. Also it'll look great on a black background.

I'd appreciate your vote on my design : Anatomusic

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