First thought: "The spoon song?"

  • by Fookums
  • posted Sep 27, 2006

"..Something I Read On A Dollar Bill/
A Paper Tiger Can't Tell You Where He Stands/
etc etc."

Yeah, Spoon rocks. The shirt however, is kinda boring. Eh, this week isn't so bad though, I've been hating on threadless for like, the past few months, because IMHO, nearly everything printed since like, spring, has sucked. bad.

No offense to the people that made the shirts, but really now, there were only like, a couple of shirts I considered buying (i.e. 'You've got some 'splaining to do' and 'psychadelephant', and maybe like, 1 more), and the reason I didn't get those two was cause yellow looks crappy on me (I'm asian D:, it doesn't work with my skin tone), and I was on vacation when psychadelephant came out.

But yeah, ending this:

  1. Spoon kicks ass.

  2. summary: This week = not that bad, I liked sound of music + timmy.

Watch this

first thing i thought was Thrice

'They preach to the choir
Always in the permanent daylight
They toss paper tigers from their
Perfect porcelain skylines'


That's the first thing I thought of too! Three cheers for Spoon.


The first this I thought was holy jesus that is a fucking amazing shirt.


Main Entry: paper tiger
Function: noun
: one that is outwardly powerful or dangerous but inwardly weak or ineffectual


actually I thought of the Beck song.

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