Rainbow Worrier

Rainbow Worrier

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This is my favourite Tshirt.




Is this shirt's name an intentional CocoRosie reference?

Asa Doktor

On the heather = perfect. You sir have style!


I lost this shirt to an ex YEARS ago. So glad to snap it up on a reprint. :)


Just got this shirt in the mail. Got to say I'm kinda disappointed- the design is of course AWESOME but for some reason even though I ordered a large (and it says large on the tee) it's insanely tight on me! (Which is weird because I'm an Australian size 12, I fit the other M and L size t-shirts quite well from this site.) Has anyone else had a sizing issue? :(


yes i got the same problem. I ordered a size medium, and it says medium on it. and the customer service replied me: "Heather grey-colored girly tees have a bit of stretch fabric in them, unlike most other tees. The sizing specifications provided by the manufacturer take this into account when suggesting measurements, and assume that with the stretch these tees will be as suitable as others within the same size even though they're comparatively smaller.We suggest exchanging that for the next size up. "

I'm a size 8-10, so small or medium fits well. but this tee shirt I received is an extra small. which I even compared to a size small tee, and its even smaller than a size small.

I dunno if I exchange to a large would fit me. :(


by the way the design is awesome I love it. but now I hv to wait longer till i get to wear it.


I love mine, man. This shirt is super simple, elegant, sexy. One of my faves. Everybody always asks me "Why is it melting?" and I tell them, "Because it's hotter than most rainbows."


This shirt runs REALLY small. I have a small in all of my other threadless tees but I've had up size up to a med and it still won't fit. WTF?


Again with the HORRIBLE sizing. I'm usually a very comfortable medium, so I bought a large to account for the comments saying it ran small. No dice, apparently I should have ordered a 2XL. It's super short, feels as if it's trying to suffocate me, and has the WEIRDEST puckers in odd little spots!!! But they're all sold out and I can't exchange the size.


why is it called "worrier" instead of warrior? think warrior would have been a better choice?


I imagine it's called worrier because it's melting :) also this is my favorite threadless tee I own. I got mine in a darker grey for $5 in 08 I think. I love it so much. reprint, please? Mine is all holy and worn-looking.


Seriously need a reprint, my sister bought one the same size and got ours mixed up, and she has double-F cups, so now my shirt fits funny. HALP

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