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I really like the concept. I think the illustration is good too. My instinct after looking at this a few times is that the bottom portion of the comp is a little too boring. The bottom portion is the punchline of the shirt a la, "the octopus is playing, but with what?"

I would make the bottom more action packed to make is seem like the octopus is like a kid playing with toys. Have a third fish maybe, have them fight, or have one fish panicking while another tries to eat it.


Hello GrindedDown, first of all, thanks! I agree, I didn't see that.. I'm thinking the whale could have his mouth open with sharp teeth showing and the fish could be smaller and really scared?? I think that could give the concept a lot more power...


New version with different bottom... Better?


personally i really liked the first version a lot. But if you wanted to try something different for the bottom, how about a land theme? Kind of cute that an octopus is playing with land themed puppets? But really, i enjoyed the killer whale. If you have the time, could you critique: Sea Spider


I prefer the shark... coz they're just more convincing predators. But you can work a little on the shark. I like the concept! :) Cute octopus!

f you have a moment, please score my design 42 :)


What about this? I went back to the orca, but added the shark threatening the octopus, so now is a different game.. I worked a little on the shark also. More comments are welcome! I want to get this right! Thanks :)


i dont know if i i like the shark...it looks a little two dimensional compared to the octopus and it also kinda looks like a cyclops. you should give him a little more character, i think thats the right word...

like maybe he's sneaking up behind the octopus to steal his puppets.... i think that would fix the 2D look and put the shark on the same level as the octopus and not the killer whale and the fish.


Very nice!!! I like it. The only thing it would be moving everything a little bit to the center.

Nice work.



Thanks everybody! any other comments on this? I would like more opinions about the shark... should it stay or should it go?

Ars Fera

I think the shark should go, it is a little unnecessary. And I agree with Nanoshpi that the whale's mouth should be open! Cute design :) Although I don't get the raptor part of the title :s I also think placement should be a tad bit smaller!

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I think you should add more details to the whale. It's the only one without a face.

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