King of the Hill, zombie stylez.

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Howdy everyone!rnrnThis is my first design I want to submit to threadless. In fact, this is my first digital design I have ever made. There are more on the way, but I would like to hear everyone's thoughts on this. If you don't like it, say so. If something is bugging you incessantly, let me know. rnrnBrettrnrnP.S. - How cool is this website?!?! rn


New version coming later this evening with some needed changes. Any thoughts welcome, even if it is "I would never wear this. It sucks."

me and the devil

yea, that's nasty! I don't think there should be zombies that are still standing. and probably you should use a black shirt and illuminate the background of the image so the pile and the guy have the light in their back (probably dawn or a burning city). the writing.. i'm not sure if you need that. try either to incorporate it ore erase it. otherwise it's a cool and solid horror design.

I'd Appreciate a comment on my version of the Ikarus myth.

Great concept. I would remove the text and the blood. Just try to place it as a one color design and upload a picture of a real tee if you have the time. I am really interested in your second version!

By the way, if you have a minute please check out my new critique at:

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