• by abaillie
  • posted Sep 10, 2011

Watch this

Unfortunately for me, I think this one is a little too close to the "I love color" shirt.


Hmm haven't seen it, link?


For those of you who might not know, what got me interested in this idea is the test for people who are red-green colour blind.

A similar image with letters and numbers is used to test you're ability to define red and green. Those who are colour blind would simply see a number of dots of similar colour. Obviously those who aren't see the letter/number.

I think this is really interesting, my father is colour blind and thus when he looks at this design he just seems a lot of circles. I can't even imagine what he must be seeing, is it all 'red', 'green' or something else?

Anyway, just thought some of you might be interested to know where it came from.


I'm colorblind, what's the image in this design?


Gah, I have slight red-green colorblindness. I can see the different regions of color but I can't quite make out the image. Thanks, Natalie.


I actually prefer this to the I Heart Color design. :) 5$


Thanks RealFireflies!

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