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Haven't Subbed a design in 961 days...until this week!!! Please score:)

This is a re-working of a previous design...any thoughts? Thanks for your comments!
Starry Starry Leaves

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heyhey how are you? Haven't seen you in a long time! I like the resub better than the original. :)

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Good2see you back hey hey!


Thanks! I'm doing well. I had kind of given up on designs awhile back, but my son was looking at this one recently on some notecards I made and said he really thought I should re-work and re-submit it so I did.


Thanks for scoring my design! I have about 367 votes with two days left....does anyone know if that is a typical number or is it low on the number of people who have scored it? There are so many designs up for scoring.

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The number of people who have scored your sub seems to be right. At the moment subs end with around +-600 votes. Not a bad score either. :)

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