I believe I can fly

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Is a very simple concept with light illustration. The main point when you look at it you will free comfort with the design, at the same time, I added the humour in this design. As we know, penguin cant fly like a bird, but they are very smart creature that they can find their own way to reach their goal. And i hope that this design can be printed on the shirt, no matter for child nor adult, it really reflects the positive element in the design. And thanks again for those who vote for me. Really appreciate that.


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Clyde the Penguin

I like this but I think you've got the moment in time wrong. Is the left bird just landed and sending the right bird flying, or is the right bird landing to send the left bird flying? I think you might want to go back a moment in time and have one of the bird leaping off something ONTO the seesaw with the other bird waiting patiently. I really like this - I love my penguins, natch - but I think you've missed a better opportunity to tell this lovely story.


Thanks for your comment, clyde.

jamie noel

this made me laugh. thank you. i also love penguins, they're funny to begin with.


I was actually coming to make the same comment as Clyde. Either leaping or setting the scene of the moment of hope right before I think might capture your message a little more clearly. If you made that, I would definitely buy it :) This is looks a little accidental to me. Great concept though, love it.

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