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Playhouses and treehouses.

When we were kids, my dad (who was great with cars but not the best with construction) built us this playhouse:

It was pretty amazing thing to have as a kid, and despite my dad's lack of building skill, it was sturdy and is still in good condition after two decades!

Also, one time at a Thanksgiving dinner, one of my aunts or uncles helped my cousin, Ben, and I make a teepee with a telescope stand and a sheet, and it was so much fun, and I STILL want a teepee.

And a treehouse.

So did you have one? Did your friends? Did you want one? Do you still want one?


Watch this

I always wanted a treehouse, but palm trees apparently aren't great for that.

I did make forts a lot though with blankets and chairs and tables and everything.

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I made a pretty good one for my kids...



And I wanna make a fort, too!!

I am such a little kid stuck in a big kid's body


Did you ever make use of a refrigerator box, Alvin? Those were great for playing in before my dad built ours.


Oh man, no but I wish! I don't think my family ever bought a new refrigerator after I was born. I would have totally covered the inside with glow-in-the-dark stars and just sat in there all day.


My dad is jewish, so no.


"Shabbat shalom," he'd say.


Did you make a blog with pictures, Joe? I think I remember seeing something awesome you made for your kids.

Jesus was a Jewish carpenter, Matt!

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There were three of us under the age of 5 so our backyard looked like a school playground. We didnt have any custom/home-made forts or tree houses, but a bunch of those Fischer Price play gyms and houses. My dad did build me a huge sandbox though. I think it was like 6x6ft. The big oak tree in the backyard had a tire swing on one limb and a climbing rope on the other. The oak tree out front also had a tire swing.

My parents have a photo on their fridge of a Christmas morning when i was like 3 or 4. The living room was stripped of all normal furniture and replaced with some Fischer price play gyms. Pretty crazy.

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it's got a 90 foot zip line heading into the trees too


Dang, I love that shingled look.

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Oh, man, I love ziplines!

I also loved climbing up in these Mayor McCheese thingies:


That is awesome, Joe!!

OMG! Mayor McCheese mouf!!!! I wanna be 5 again.


i had a swing. that is all.


My dad probably could have built something like this for us because he's really good at that kind of thing, but he never did. We didn't really have a backyard so much as a lot of bush. He did build us a sandpit and a swingset though so it's all good. They took up all the space anyway.


We had an air raid shelter from WW2 that we used as a sort of playhouse. My dad put down a wooden floor for us and we painted the walls. It was pretty neat. He built us a treehouse too, but the tree got knocked down in a hurricane.


Joe, that is awesome, btw - your kids are super lucky!

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