3D fist

  • by alfredosb
  • posted Aug 30, 2011

Watch this

The idea is to make stronger an idea, a symbol etc with 3D effect, next one will be a kiss... etc. rnrnWhat do you think? Any idea? rnrnThanks!


I think the idea has potential, but you should put up a higher res image of the design. It's too small to see. From what I can see, I think I would suggest making the highlights in the fist brighter. I think it would look better on a colored tee. Maybe bright yellow or hot pink.

Please score/comment my design.

Pose Kowski

mmm too simple...add details ^^

Please check mine here


Following some advices this is the new approach... Hope you like it!


Great! Good ideas, i'm going to check yours :)


New version! Not very sure that the selected font is the best one... What do you think?


good work but i would change the font


could you recommend any?

Sam Coleman

I think you should make it a four-color design instead of a picture: red, blue, tan, and black. Block letters with the red/blue 3d effect applied to match might look good. I think the background graphic would look good done in halftone, a light gray made out of black dots. Also shrink it a little bit and experiment with different t-shirt colors.


Thank you guys, I will check your ideas!


Maybe either change the black of the shadow for the star shape or perhaps move it altogether.


New version following some of your advices... Hope you like it!!!


Much better than previous one, I'd buy it !


A new version with a little more brightness in the fist... do you like?


much better looking than the preveous version. really like the kapow too =)


i agree, theres much more impact with this version than its predecessors. The text for the word Kapow really works well on the purple shirt too though Im not overly keen on the noise texture on the words, not sure its needed.

If you have a sec, would love your comments and scores on one of my designs http://www.threadless.com/submission/373505/Part_of_the_Crew


I think the color test will help the bottom line, perhaps the contrast is very strong


I'm not a big fan of the bevel effect on the text


Hi guys! My design (final one hasn't bevel effect on the text) was finally declined because "we feel your idea could use a little more work to be up to the standard that will give it the best shot" so I think I'm gonna abandon this idea... Thanks all anyway!

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