Changes to the 1.5 rule

  • by the ThreadStaff
  • posted Aug 25, 2005

We've made some changes today to the 1.5 rule. (What's the 1.5 rule?) There are 2 main points to note:

  1. Every design will have at least 24 hours to be scored. We are no longer using 100 votes as the qualification for removal.
  2. We are no longer using an average score of 1.5 as the minimum score to stay in the running. We will now be using an arbitrary score that is made up of multiple variables including the number of I'd buy it requests and the design's average score. These exact scores will not be made public.

If your design is removed from the running, you will receive an email notification as to why it was removed.

We hope this makes things a bit more fair!

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Thats a great thing! Thanks for listening to all the feedback that came off of the 1.5 rule.

Knowing that you listen is always appreciated.

But what about designs that have been killed off in the last week or so from the 1.5 rule. By any chance would we be able to resubmit them 1 time only?

tesko profile pic Alumni

Thats great news, good call.


thanks threadless team!


doubt an ''arbitrary'' score made up of ''variables'' is gonna go over too well...especially if it causes 1.6s or so to drop. but, hey...sounds good enough to me.

Luke... profile pic Alumni

sounds good "threadless"....
you've appeased the masses with #1
and also upgraded the qualification process for yourselves and all with #2...
thats good business...


It just gets better and better.


I like arbitrary rules.

bortwein profile pic Alumni

This does kind of make me even more nervous about being filtered out, but I can't figure out why yet.


hmmm. very interesting.


Does this mean that we can resubmit designs that dropped out under the old 1.5 rule?


That's cool. :)
Thanks, Threadless.

cshimala profile pic Staff

no, you can't resubmit designs that were already submitted and dropped

Robsoul profile pic Alumni

mathematics my dear watson, mathematics

there were only some occassions where the 1.5 rule work against us, but it did serve a good purpose.


Oh, great. This means crappy designs will be around longer.

travis76 profile pic Alumni

yes, math, more people means you need to expand the voting system as well.
great idea. thanks for listening, if you did.


Too bad we cant resub I think my Five Card Stud design deserved better-must've been the text


While I tend to agree with MoniqueH in general, I am excited to increase my number of submissions scored. Go 15000!


"Thanks for listening to all the feedback "


that sounds cool.

Ava Adore

yeah thats a better scoring system.

fatclike profile pic Alumni

People who can't take competition might as well quit. If a design is recieving a low score early on, it's probably going to stay that way. I like most of the shirts they decide to print, but who seriously has time to thumb through all the crappy submittions. I say the more they weed out, the better! (even if it's mine)

MrDomino profile pic Alumni

With a very few exceptions I have really no problems with the original 1.5 rule. I think you could even go to a 2.0 rule. Would some of mine be dropped? Sure, but when they do I know to try harder.

I think there should be exceptions of course, but that could be left to Threadless staff.


Sounds a bit too mathematical to me, but if it cuts out the crap then it's all good.

Iwouldbejosh profile pic Alumni

This sounds way better than before


this fills me with dread/glee or something.

travis76 profile pic Alumni

sigh...too late for homo superius...

but make the monkey tag 'threadless' and maybe i'll resubmit


Well I think this is a good idea.

tesko profile pic Alumni

This is the new shizzle, ignore that other one


Alright, good deal :)


These exact scores will not be made public.

^^Aw. Why?!

OlliRudi profile pic Alumni

they're a bit too secretive here at threadless, it'd be nice to see how many "i'd buy it"s designs scored..


^^I know olli! I'd love to see it, even if it was just for my own designs.


Why do the exact scores will not be made public???

kaloyster profile pic Alumni

I've noticed some designs (very great too! ex. ste7en's) and it has a This design has ended early thing. And it's almost near to end scoring. Why is that?

hogboy profile pic Alumni


Ste7en profile pic Alumni

yeah I just wrote them about those two...I dont get it...I also cant believe they got identical scores

Papaprime profile pic Alumni

I wonder why it noted mine was dropped early, scored a 2.26 and lasted all 7 days. The notation that it was dropped early popped up this evening...?


i think they have some bugs in the code that drops things. it's changed with the new site, as compared to what they're talking about here. have you sent email via the support alias to threadless central? or created a bug report blog with "SKAW" in the title or something?

Papaprime profile pic Alumni

sartz, npoe. I've never done a bug report, I'll look into it. Thanks.

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