Hey guys!

I've been noticing people sharing links to their designs for sale as prints on Redbubble as they're being voted on at Threadless.

I thought I read in the terms that designs could not be used commercially in any way while Threadless is reviewing them-- What's the policy here?

Speaking of which, how do you guys like Redbubble? I had never heard of it before browsing around here!

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As long as you are not selling t-shirts you can do whatever you like with the designs you post here.


Really? That is great to know! In the Terms and Conditions is says cannot use on "Items" (capitalized-- ominous!) and wasn't sure how strict this was about every item ever.

Thanks for the response. :)

Monster Riot
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How long after scoring finishes does Threadless review the design for? Would be good to know if another tee company approaches me for the designs...

Monster Riot
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BTW Awesome work Jade, your style is amazing!

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