Snack Attack Process Blog!

My second collab with the awesome and patient Frickinawesome, answering the question: What if chips were like brains 'n' stuff and some undead chip bags wanted to eat 'em? This one's for Horror III.


Here are some process shots.

First doodles of some characters in no particular order.

A fleshing out of some more characters.

We decided a convenience store would be a nice backdrop to chip massacre, and expanded the scene. Evan provided some names for the chips and we snuck in some old horror film references.

Expanded the scene a bit more, then started coloring with a grayscale theme. We thought these colors looked sort of boring. :(

Switching the backdrop to green added some vibrancy and gave the scene a cheesy old horror comic feel. Perfect!

It's up for voting soon-- check it out!

Watch this

It's up! Thanks for taking a look. :)

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haha, this is great

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