I just got back from a trip to Amsterdam and Scotland!!!!!!

Sorry if I was missed...I didn't realize that the internet would be so sparse for me on my trip!

The kinda part is that I recently moved to Texas and still need to find a vehicle and a job, so I can't quite justify wasting too much time on Threadless...SOOOOOOOOOOOOO, I'm gonna have to make my Threadvisits a lot fewer.

Thanks for all the good times and I'll see yous guys around when I can!

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DesignbyProxy profile pic Alumni

Welcome back! when are we hanging?

rbthatcher profile pic Alumni

Wheneva's cleva, man! I just went out and got some essentials today at the store...still need to buy a couch. And, as stated above, we're short one vehicle...so driving places can be limited. I'm still looking for my 'local hangout'.....

How far are you from the Richardson Library, 'cause I'm not too far from there.

rbthatcher profile pic Alumni

Thanks! Sorry I couldn't submit for the SLOGANWARS, but at the time it would have cost me 6 POUNDS!!!

rossmat8 profile pic Alumni

I understand man, wish you could've submitted but it's not worth losing weight over.

rbthatcher profile pic Alumni

You're a quick one!


DesignbyProxy profile pic Alumni

I'm down in dallas, Right off the red line. so like depending on the train schedule I'm only a little while a way... Northpark mall is probably my closest hangout spot.

I work up in Richardson...so maybe we can meet up after work someday.

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I literally just said "I've got to go check Reed's blog to see when he last posted, it's been too long since I've seen him around" and boom! here's this blog about how you've been away.

I guess by the number of exclamation points that the trip was awesome.

Hope to see you around in the slogan games again.


Hi Reed!!! How are you & your lovely wife liking TX so far?

Too bad it didn't work out for you guys to join us for one last meet-up, but I'm sure you were uber busy with the move & all.

Maltzmania profile pic Alumni


You will get a job, you are REED.

You will get a car, you are POWER.


rbthatcher profile pic Alumni

Definitely meet up after work. I hear that mall is HUGE...I'll have to check that out soon.

The trip was AMAZING!!!! I'll see what I can do about posting pictures soon.

Texas is HOT! Audrey is still working for Guess. They transferred her down. We would have loved to have gotten to meet up, but besides the move, someone rear-ended Audrey's car and that has been such a huge hassle!

I forgot about REED POWER. All I have to do now is remember how to activate it...

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