Dear T-shirt Elves of the WORLD:

This evening after receiving the News that my Threadless Loves HORROR design had been accepted, my lady and I went to see the remake of one of my favorite cult classics: FRIGHT NIGHT. I will be short and sweet with this so that I do not give any of the movie away for anyone who might have an interest...However, I thought the movie was SUPER FUN. Now, I know it is early but it made me excited for Halloween, pumpkins, scares and spooks!

For the most part, the cast was great - the design was really unique. Especially the full, blown-out vampire look. It was very traditional with a few new flares that really drew me in. AND on a final note, even though I have no real issues with the Twilight series; it was nice to get back to a vampire story where they only want to eat us...not love us.

Any who - I am off to bed to be up at 5:00 in the AM for some work. To conclude with a sentence - FRIGHT NIGHT will not win any significant awards but it WAS the best night at the movies I have had in a long time.

Later days,
Christopher THE Lukos

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Christopher Lukos

It was hard to write... because it is my favorite in the cult genre. But I may like the remake better. What can I say, they didn't crap it up when they modernized it. If you like the original I don't think you will be disappointed. Even if you aren't as obsessed as I am. The design is just really freaking cool......

Any-who. If you see it let me know your thoughts. I would love to hear a fellow fans critiques. :cD

Later days


I sort of want to see this. I'm surprised by the reviews.

Granted, I know nothing about the original property, to the point where I had no idea it was about vampires until I saw the trailer.

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