If you see a Bear! (New Sub*Did u SEE+VOTE yet?!) :D

Just submit this new design few days ago, And it up for scoring today!!!


Watch this
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it's a beauty :)

Quag profile pic Alumni


whisper in water

Ooooh! Beautiful, as always!

My only problem is that I kept reading it as, "Keep distance safe." It took a long time for me to see it as "Keep a safe distance." I don't know if that's something you intended or not...

I'd definitely wear it anyway, though!

Joe Harding

i kept lookin at the design. its very original and special. Awesome!!

little_g_design profile pic Alumni

This one I like a lot!

yeohgh, check out my blog about my sister. I'm wearing your shirt in the pic! It's actually the one I just subbed for the gallery :D

whisper in water

Wait a second, yeohgh, why isn't Nature Call in the "Check out my winners!" part of your profile?!

yeohgh profile pic Alumni

whisper in water good pointing out the reading, i didnt see it until u mentioned about it ahha,,,good point good point!! haha,,p/s: i didnt know why the nature call didnt show up at my CHECK OUT my winners, only the "Loverain", i might email threadless to FIX it for me ahha!!!

little g so happy to see you r wearing my nature
call shirt,,,yahooo!!!

thanks joe, thank kooky love, thanks Quag, thanks amy122166 for loving it so far!! BIG CHEERS!!! :D


This is terrific. I did also read it as "Keep distance safe".

whisper in water

It might have something to do with the fact that your Nature Call thumbnail in the list of your submissions is all broken and... static-like. :P
They can probably fix it if you e-mail them.

And I'm glad I could help with the submission! Do you think you'll change it around and resub a version that's easier to read?

wullagaru profile pic Alumni

yeah teh reqading is a bit tough but besides that I love teh colors and the way you did teh bear

yeohgh profile pic Alumni

i will email them now to fix the problem and also to stop the submission, to fixing the reading as well!!! hhaa thanks Whisper and others for pointing out!!

thanks!!! :D


I can see U have put a lot of "thinking" into this design. I really like this.
Well done.


yay i love it!
bears in general are awesome, but this looks really neat and well done! :D

mahalov profile pic Alumni

niiice nice
love it

MeLa de Gypsie

it's so "rarrhh" haha... I like the colours best.. don't change..



graphic frost
graphic frost profile pic Alumni

nice one!
i really like your style!
you are always trying to make something new and different!


I really like this design a lot, and hope it's printed so I can wear it. I can see myself showing it off to so many people.


nice, as has been mentioned, the A is a little small..

yeohgh profile pic Alumni

hi kooky, yes, i already redesign the text, and email them yesterday, but theadless already put the design up and running for scoring today, so a bit late now! My email seem didnt reach on time, i guess is a faith ahha!!

leileah profile pic Alumni
leileah profile pic Alumni

er... heart


This is an impressive design! I agree with the others here about text arrangement... but somehow it gives it a unique charm. Nice work as usual!

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