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I've been a member of TT community for a week or so now. I have much to learn. I am a newbie. I got some questions.

  1. There are only 15 type tees. Are these tees come from the result of high scoring slogans?

  2. One of the Type Tees said "Sport." Really? It got high score?

  3. Are there places/ urls where I can refer to, to see top 20 high scoring slogans?

  4. If they are only 15 type tees per year, I won't put too much hope on my slogans get printed. I'll just write slogan for creativity exercise. Just for fun.

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  1. I think it's worth starting to submit new slogans as they've just rebooted Typetees again recently.

I'm sure Evan, Nestor, etc. will chime in with further info. regarding your other questions

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1 - Scores vary 2 - No, it was low scoring 3 - There was a user-made list but I think it is out of date

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SPORT in the way that the type is displayed is a joke about american baseball shirts in particular and american sport shirts in general and that's why it was printed, it's a sure sell that resonates with many folks (though mostly american).


Thanks for the explanations. :-)

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