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ACME is a fictional company widely used in Road Runner vs Coyote cartoon. In a way, it's a character on its own.

About 100 km from my home, there's this coastal town named Rengit. Fishermen there sometimes travel to Singapore Island to collect solid waste that can still be used. These include furniture, electrical appliances, toys, etc. Mostly out of fashion things. These items are being sold much like garage sales.

Walking around Rengit town feels like experiencing time traveling due to the presence of these vintage items.

I have seen a controversial photo taken in the 50's if I'm not mistaken. In this photo, there's a man wearing a hipster looking glasses, much too trendy for that time. And people said he's from the future.

I imagine a company named ACME TIME TRAVEL AGENCY that would take you around the world much like Travelocity, also back and forth through space and time. The workers of this company will be wearing this t-shirt. If u are wearing the tee, you are from the future. Beyond 2068.


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I would think ACME is a copyright name and threadless wouldn't be able to use it on a slogan...


I see. Thanks for the tip.

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