Threadless U: PHI CLUB - Giveaways!

The first rule of Phi Club is is that you tell everyone about Phi Club.

The second rule of Phi Club is that you TELL EVERYONE ABOUT PHI CLUB!

Meet "Rockem Balboa" the PHI CLUB mascot! (link to zip file with layered artwork)


In addition to the main prizes that Threadless is giving out to the winning House, we here in PHI CLUB are holding our own prize drawings and awards. Here's what you could win, and how to qualify:

Participation Drawing
Participate in enough events to achieve a rank of "PHI MASTER" or higher to enter
Choice of any 1 standard Threadless shirt (from Ian Leino) [1 winner]
Choice of any 1 item in Ian's shop (from Ian Leino) [1 winner]
Choice of any 12"x18" size print from his shop (from earlofportland) [1 winner]

1200 Club
On either of the voting days, score ALL 1200 designs in the running to enter. Do it on both days and get 3 entries into the drawing!
Choice of any 1 standard Threadless shirt (from Ian Leino) [1 winner]
Choice of any 1 item in Ian's shop (from Ian Leino) [1 winner]

Awards (No prize drawing, these will be awarded based on the following criteria)
Most Submissions - wins an unnamed prize (from toopersent)


Welcome the the pledge page for that most awesome and historic of university institutions - the fine establishment known as PHI CLUB! Athletic prowess is often though to be purely physical, but in Phi Club, we know that a player must have a deep, almost subconscious, understanding of biology, mathematics and physics and be able to quickly access that knowledge in every split second decision on the field, court, or street as they apply theoretical knowledge to real world application.

For that reason, our house symbol of the Golden Spiral with a Fist shows our understanding of mathematical beauty and perfection as well as our indomitable spirit and eagerness to crush those who would oppose us!

For those of you who choose to pledge to PHI CLUB, you will be put through a series of tests based on this term's core classes:

Monday, Aug 15th – Most tweets with your house name in the #hashtag. ex: Here’s the message: $12 tees are better than a degree at @Threadless U! #PHICLUB
Tuesday, Aug 16th – Create the best mascot for your house!
Wednesday, Aug 17th – Get your vote on! The house with the most votes wins!
Thursday, Aug 18th – Think of the best motto for your house
Friday, August 19th – Photoshop Challenge - the house with the best Photoshop image of their mascot wins!

Monday, Aug 22nd – Most tweets with your house name in the #hashtag. Get your $10 tees from @threadless U! Sale ends tomorrow!
Tuesday, Aug 23rd – Collaboration Tee Design - work together to create the best collab tee. Due on Thursday!
Wedesday, Aug 24th – Get your vote on! The house with the most votes wins!
Thursday, August 25 – Most submissions by house members from August 15th – 25th (2 week long challenge)
Friday, August 26th – Final Exam time! Attend the Final Exam - make sure you tune into Ustream at 3pm CST to watch Threadstaff try and win for your house.

The House that wins each challenge will get a spin on the wheel to help them out during Friday’s POP QUIZ at 3pm CST!

If you think you have what it takes to be in PHI CLUB, just sign up below!

The more tests you pass, the higher rank you'll gain within PHI CLUB!

Also, feel free to download the PHI CLUB pennant above, to add to your avatar! Here's the Illustrator file (you can also open it in Photoshop, where it will have a transparent background)

Once you join, go to the Facebook Group and request to be added so you can keep up with all of our secret plans for domination!


(Thanks to Bortwein for the rank titles)

The Grand Master Golden Fist of Phi
Ian Leino

The Golden Fists of Phi
martiandrivein - Collab Captain [1200 CLUB]
bortwein - Photochop Potentate [1200 CLUB]
toopersent - Senior VP of Shirt Submissions [1200 CLUB]
midgerock (Mascot Master)(Motto Machine) [1200 CLUB]
miller836 [1200 CLUB]
tmbroder01 [1200 CLUB]
mj00 [1200 CLUB]

Phi Masters
fishbiscuit [1200 CLUB]
0Jim0 [1200 CLUB]

Associate Hand of Phi
earlofportland [1200 Club]
esmz7b [1200 Club]
bamboota [1200 Club]
Resistance [1200 CLUB]
odysseyroc [1200 CLUB]
mimi [1200 Club]

craquehaus [1200 CLUB]
bryanade [1200 CLUB]
mideno [1200 Club]
goingonsix [1200 Club]
k-sqrd [1200 Club]

Jaden Kale
organized mess

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Resistance profile pic Alumni

Yes, oh yes! Going with PHI CLUB


Awesome! It's on! For the win! etc. \m/

Guess I better get to finishing all my half-done subs so I can submit them post-15th!


If we make soap, count me in! If not....well I'm in anyway, but making soap would be cool!

toopersent profile pic Alumni

Wait, is there going to be parties and keg stands like at Delta Bluto Parti? Because, that is kinda my steeze. But I also like sports and maths.

Ian Leino
Ian Leino profile pic Alumni

There is going to be a lot going on this time, and I'm in the middle of a pretty busy few weeks of work, so I'll be delegating some of the responsibility this time - such as soap making and keg stand organization. So feel free to step up to take that on!

But to answer your party question, toopersent in PHI CLUB, we party like we just won the Super Bowl. I don't think any other house can match that!

toopersent profile pic Alumni

Hell yes.

I'm actually majoring in Keg Standery, so organization of said standing of the kegs could get me some extra credits.

Ian Leino
Ian Leino profile pic Alumni

Also, any who dare challenge us will be met with an athletic swing of the official PHI CLUB Paddleâ„¢ administered liberally to their posterior:

bortwein profile pic Alumni

aw this feels right for me. I joined Phi Kappa Tau back in college so being in the Phi club just seems like the pace to be.

In Phi, bortwein


I would love to join!

Ian Leino
Ian Leino profile pic Alumni

Don't worry Brandon - people need to have a little time to be able to check out all of the available houses before they can really know that ours is best!

toopersent profile pic Alumni

Do you people not know about HAN SOLO? He is an alumni, for Christ's sake.

Ian Leino
Ian Leino profile pic Alumni

OK, so here's the first task: we need a number of member ranks that people attain as they complete the daily challenges - here's a starting point from top to bottom:

Phi Master ?? ?? ?? Initiate Pledge

So - what should the other ranks be called?

bortwein profile pic Alumni

The Grand Master Golden Fist of Phi (Ian only) The Golden Fists of Phi (Extremely active members) Phi Masters (Hard working core of the group) Associate Hand of Phi (They show up for meetings and do some stuff) Initiate (ok you made it past Pledge... good for you, now do more work.) Pledge (bend over and take it like a man)


I'll sign up

0Jim0 profile pic Alumni

I was with you last time, so you can count me in again!

Ian Leino
Ian Leino profile pic Alumni

Updated with initial roster and rankings.

Your first task, pledges, is to tell EVERYONE you know about PHI CLUB! Not in this thread, or even necessarily on the blogs - you all know people who are active on Threadless - make sure they sign up with the winning house!

Bring in 2 or more members (just have them say you sent them) to be advanced to "Initiate" status!

bortwein profile pic Alumni

ok I posted about the club in a few of my internet haunts so hopefully I'll catch a fish or 2 for the club. :-)


I am in!!! PHUN, PHUN!!

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