No Pattern aka Chuck Anderson folders at Target

Not sure if he has anything else, but did some back to school shopping and saw some No Pattern folders in target. I thought they were awesome, which meant my kid didn't. We bought a folder with a Ferrari on it. Thread-people make it BIG yo!

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Saw these yesterday while shopping for dorm stuff. It was weird, we were just looking at random stuff I was like, "Woah! I know these people!" Pretty cool. Print came out perfect too.

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I went and didnt see any... what do the folders look like? I saw a ton with lisa frank / ed hardy style designs and boring solid color ones.

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OOoh, I want that Montoya one. I hope my local Target has them in stock.

snaggle tooth

xiv, i'll go back to target and see if they still have them. they don't look like what randy posted... they are just abstract colors and have his name on them.

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