Photo resizing help (now a Photohaus blog)

Hey Y'all.

Could someone help me resize and maybe touch up a photo? I am really not that skilled at photoshop and I have tried to do it myself unsuccessfully. Embarrassing, right? I thought I would ask y'all because I know a lot of you are photoshop (or other photo editing program) wizards.

I'm trying to get rid of red eye and maybe look a little less ruddy and sunburnt. Really, anything that makes me look better, haha.

Btw, these photos are for medical school applications.

One application is asking for a 2 inch by 2 inch photo (File must be either .gif,.jpeg, or .jpg), less than 250KB, or 250x400 pixels.

Another requests that "The file format must be in .gif, .jpg or .jpeg format. The recommended size for the picture is 150 Pixels X 150 Pixels. A square picture is preferred. The image must not be larger than 25K."

Could someone help me out?

I will STP you forever and maybe make you something. who knows? haha.


Watch this

xiv on Aug 06 '11 at 12:58pm id just take a new photo.

I also was thinking this as a possibility. Right now all I have is my macbook webcam though, which is not great quality.

EZFL profile pic Alumni

Why do you have to send in a photo with a school application? Seems like sort of a weird thing to ask for.


opifan64 on Aug 06 '11 at 12:58pm I'll give it a shot

Thanks Eric!

agrimony profile pic Alumni

i sucks at the photoshop unfortunately so i cant help you there. Also, I don't know about med school applications, but I do know that for official identification editted photos aren't allowed so you might want to check the ruling on that.


There are a lot of strange things about the medical school application process. Mostly schools try and say that it is so they can remember you. They can put a face to the application and when they interview me they can recall my application. That's the best explanation I have. ha.

opifan64 profile pic Alumni

Took out some of the red. 2 X 2. let me know what you want changed before I close the file.


Thanks Aaron, but its not for any official identification so I think I am okay. Good point though.


That's perfect Eric. Thanks!

EZFL profile pic Alumni

So its easier to remember that one hot chick with the huge rack... or that asian dude with the lazy eye. Makes perfect sense.

Cant imagine all the weird photos they get.


if I put a n00d they would really remember me... :)

opifan64 profile pic Alumni

No problem. Glad I could help. Here's a one with a bit less yellow, so you have some choice:

and a larger one in case you need a photo for something else:

pilihp profile pic Alumni

i see my cuz eric already did it, but it was a nice little photoshop exercise to start the day :)


bahahahhaahh adhesive hippo, ahahahahahahha

thanks anyways Phil. :)


Man, im putting that upside down one as my avatar and facebook pic. I'm dying laughing.

jeffreyg profile pic Alumni

Hah they say its to remember you but its also a diversity thing.

I remember Villanova did this too when I was applying for undergrad. They don't call em Vanillanova for nothin. They all look the same


I would love this to be a photohaus blog. I won't delete.


oh man, my school is about 85% white. #diversity


its always awkward being the third wheel


hahahahahahahahahahaahaaha these are making my weekend

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