Resting Phoenix

  • by j_marie
  • posted Aug 04, 2011

Watch this

Phoenix on a branch.


If you complete the branch It'll be a great look!

And nice phoenix =D

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Beautiful! The phoenix's colors are lovely. :) I'd change the green on the back though. Also, I think you should lower the design a bit so that the phoenix's head isn't so close to the border of the shirt.

Thanks for commenting on my design. :)


yea. the green part, i tink would be nice if it was orange.. i duno.. tats wad i feel.. make it look more fiery! i love it though..

help me pls


Yeah, i'll complete the branch too!

What do you think about my new design?


Extended the branch, changed the background boxes' colour, and moved the design down.


i really like the idea... i'd like to see it on a more contrasting background that red on dark red... maybe u could try removing the box and just extend the branch to the end of the tshirt... so the background would be the tee colour. u could also try to centralize the bird and enlarge its head so that the design would extend on the shirt diagonally... just a thought.

good luck :)

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Mystic Creator

Nice design! Personally I Liked the 1st design better. I like the contrasting blue color against the red phoenix. I also liked it better when you had the right block shape going off the shirt. I think if you stuck with the red colored shapes that you should put it on a diff. colored shirt instead of white.

Just my personal opinion though. Other than that your design is beautiful! I love your detail!

If you have time please check out my critique design. Thanks!


I agree with the other who said that red on red has poor contrast. Really nice art otherwise. Placement looks cool too!

If you'd be so kind, please take a look at my design currently up for voting! Cheers!


nice! the colors are better then in V1, but now the bird fades into the red background, it should be more outstanding then this. maybe make the outline of the bird stronger? id also add few more white flowers, the ones you have now doesnt seem to be enough imo.

good luck!

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Evan_Luza profile pic Alumni

Pretty cool, I like the missing line in the square too. I'd add more "flow" to the largest and longest feathers

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