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Introducing CityFabric [Website is Live!]

[UPDATE 11/11/11]
The website is live and the Kickstarter packages are sent! We sent a couple orders to the Threadless HQ so thanks so much for your support!

Hey guys, I thought I'd post a blog to show you what I have been working on over the summer. Not looking to step on any of Threadless' toes, just thought some people here might be interested in the project.

Some that follow me on Twitter might have already heard of this but I wanted to officially introduce you all to CityFabric— a Raleigh, NC based t-shirt design company focusing on figure maps of various cities across the US.

I've had the pleasure of working alongside Matt Tomasulo, founder of CityFabric, for the past seven months developing the company into what

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Adhesive Hippo

Pretty awesome stuff right here.


Should do very well.


Thanks for the support guys.


wow, this is awesome


Thanks! We just recently hit $20,000— my mind is blown!


this is awesome. i want one!

but no LA?! D:


Congrats! Those shirts and stuff look really ace.


Thanks! @Justin— now that we've reached our mark we are going to be expanding the cities we offer. LA is on the top of cities we are considering!

The Paper Crane
1 design submitted - Score now!

Really great idea! Hope that you expand to international cities eventually - best of luck with it all!


Bump! Website is alive and well. Wear you live!


Hey, that is really neat!


Congrats, this is great!


Thanks! If any of you guys end up ordering anything let me know and I'll throw in some extra goodies.

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