Lobotomy Anyone?

Watch this

Thought of this after seeing a jug of Tropicana


I like it and I'd wear a shirt like this one. I think maybe you could add a little juice coming out of the poked orange. Also, I think the eyes and mouth on the other orange seem a little jagged. Maybe you could add shadows to the oranges, too, to make them look rounder. Hope this helps. :)

If you have a minute, please rate my critique: What Really Happens: Tea Time

Ru Chery

I agree with aetherium, try added some juice coming out of the other one almost as if it is bleeding. Also try adding some shadows and highlights to give the design more depth. overall nice work!! keep me updated on your next version.

ps. I just updated my design so please let me know what you think of the new version. I could really use your help and feedback.



What if you move the "what happened?" under the other orange, to add to the drama of the pause. Also you did it a little with the eyes of the left orange but you could try to make the eyes different sizes to show the stress he's in.

I'm so close submission, I need your opinion on Cat A Pillar


Thanks for the great advice and ideas, everyone! :D


Haha, this is a really funny concept. I think your off to a pretty solid start. I would just agree with some of the above regarding adding some shading/highlights, and maybe playing with the eyes of the orange asking the question a bit. Look forward to seeing future versions. Would appreciate your thoughts on my current critique:http://www.threadless.com/critique/92506/Ninja_Star Thanks!


I'm really going to have to read up on how to use Gimp to get my changes made! I can't wait to get started and perhaps even put up some other designs to me critiqued :)

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