I miss...

being able to walk to the liquor store
hanging with people my own age regularly


Watch this

Jersey Pizza. Met games. when Guitar Hero was still fresh and fun to play.

SuperRyan profile pic Alumni

being creative certain people and/or dogs/cats

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hanging with threadfriends

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Print Courtney Pie blogs, Congrats

hanging with my kids on the weekends , they are too old and cool now.

courtney pie

having beers midday over lunch in the sunshine

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I'm your age, we should hang. Grats on the printage. I miss being at college and going to the pub and knowing 90% of the people in there. It was a sight to behold, the whole beer garden with people sat on the grass and getting a massive cheer when I strolled in.

courtney pie

I remember knowing everyone in the bar! That was nice. But I wasn't in college, I was just in the bar.

hangs out


i miss living in the city and seeing my friends on a regular basis

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not having to worry so much being less stressed being drug free homecooked meals being happy


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mitchloidolt on Jul 29 '11 at 2:23pm i miss when it was just spacesick making 90s tv references in blogs

hahaha i remember those days, seems so long ago

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driving around on the weekends cause I had shit else to do. playing sports. not having responsibility old friends parties in the middle of nowhere being outdoors swimming during summer

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Air conditioning

jet approves

being near friends and family being near stores and restaurants basically being near civilization


Jebbie Jackanapes Weed


Having a dog Going to school and feeling productive. Biking down the dirt road outside my parents' house. Playing video games with my dad until we both had game rage. When my little brother was small enough to carry. Being a barista.


Oh! I miss being a barista tooooo


Taz swing by I'll help ya out

Rugby after matches Traveling Banging

Johnny Baboon
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I miss

watching boy meets world reruns after getting home from school


I miss porchtimes with CP!! Damn, we didn't even do that while you were here! WTH??

I miss having a dog, too. I love my two kitties, but really want to add a dog or two to the mix. Sigh. Someday, when we have a fenced yard.

I miss getting rat arsed and only having a tiny hangover in the morning instead of one that lasts two goddamn days.


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ahaha. I heart all you guys!

and beer


I miss going to thrift stores.


The sad thing is that we have the fence and the space for a small to medium-sized dog, but our landlord barely let us have a kitty. :(

Barista-ing was fun! Fun fact, I drank more coffee before I moved to Seattle and worked at Tully's. Now I don't drink it at all.

I miss drinking coffee and having the tolerance for caffeine.


I MISS MARBS!!!!!!!!!!!! :( :( :( :( :(

ahaha. I heart all you guys!

and beer


I miss chocolate milk in bags.

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...you. Like the deserts miss the rain.


Lame, Gab :( Total tease yard.


lol, Priscilla - at first I read that as "like the desserts miss the rain" and I was like WTF?????

Chocolate mousse and rain go hand in hand!!

leaves to buy reading glasses


Yay barista high fives! Thanks Shirt :) Will have to take you up on that one day! Would be awesome...

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But it's no where near March... O_o

goes to investigate spoilers


OMG you know what else i miss? Mix tapes from Priscilla! Still some of my most favourite music :)

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I'm sure desserts miss the rain all of the time! Who are we to question the desserts??

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nonbloggerholly on Jul 29 '11 at 3:48pm shirtflirt on Jul 29 '11 at 3:07pm taz-pie on Jul 29 '11 at 2:54pm

Wee should all hang out i have been far too productive since i stopped

Nonny, thats funny I went from a cup every other day to 4shot espresso, 1 pump white mocha every day

Mya Jamila

I don't miss kissing so much as I miss enjoying kissing. Weirdly enough, I typically don't do things that I don't like (and I don't drink or eat anything I don't like the taste/smell/texture of) but even though I don't enjoy kissing they guy I kiss (sporadically) I still kiss him. :/ Double standards much Mya?

I miss Jackson and John (they both stopped talking to me) as well as Philippe, Dan, John, Valerie and Alexandre (I lived with them, we've just moved back to a respective Provinces). I enjoyed spending time with all of them.


Omair and Mike because they are my best friends and cool dudes and whenever I'm around them, I feel like how Alpha 5 feels when he's around the Power Rangers.

I miss Anna, not even in any romantic sense. She's just a cool girl and we had cool conversations that would last whole days and whenever I talked to her, it was like "Oh, so that's a thing that hip kids are into."

I miss being happy and not feeling like I'm pretending.

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kissing is cool. i miss seeing good bands in pubs by accident. and smoking in those pubs. and playing video games with friends in the same room. and friends.

courtney pie

marblecargirl on Jul 29 '11 at 3:30pm courtney pie


courtney pie

I'm a really good fancy coffee maker but I do not miss it. I do miss working in a pub. And leaving extra 'mistake' beers on my friends table and doing laps and drinking it all gone.

No hangover. Amen!

Steve The Great


also, living outside of my family's house.

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