T-less shares a direct reference with the Bloodhound Gang

  • by Sassmo
  • posted Sep 18, 2006

Remember Bloodhound Gang? Now T-less has stooped to the same level as them. Is T-less trying to expand into different markets by printing shirts that would appeal to their competitor's markets? This is definately something I'd expect to see in Target.

If you really want to watch this, it's at 3 minutes, 20 seconds.
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Watch this

I've honestly had that song stuck in my head all day.


It's the first thing I thought of when I saw the shirt.


stop saying t-less. you sound like an idiot.


you sound like a HATERRRRR


It was a conscious choice to use the word T-less instead of Threadless in this blog. T-less could stand for Tasteless, which pretty much sums up how I'm feeling about Threadless right now...
And until T-less stops printing dinosaurs hugging giraffes and slogans making fun of unfortunate accidents that are better suited for the shelves of the suitors they denied (see paragraph 6), then I will continue to refer to Threadless as T-less.


I hope they credited Dusty Springfield with the sample in that song. What an insult to her original song.


it doesn't matter your reasons for saying it, you still sound ridiculous.


Target would never sell this


that's not commenting on whether I like the shirt or not, they just wouldn't sell it

viva la tot

i like both the song and the shirt : ) . But I guess thats just my lame sense of humor, no?


Sounds like you have a bigger beef with slogan tees than this shirt. Because there's no way you'd see anything even RELATIVELY clever on a slogan tee at Target.


But Target has Where The Wild Things Are shirts, so I love them just the same.


Sassmo... you're awfully bitter about not getting printed man.


Why wouldn't they? I've seen worse there...


I'm not bitter about not being printed... I'm WAY over that. No, what I'm bitter about is Threadless printing a majority of shite over the last ~6 months. Look at the quality of the majority of the designs printed from a year ago compared to now.
A year ago, most of the prints were either clever, artistic or well composed. Now we get food with faces. That's what I'm bitter about.
I'm bitter because Threadless has so much potential - just look at some of the submissions - and yet we get a fucking dinosaur hugging a giraffe. What a waste...

crisco disco

no. we get a cute dinosaur hugging a cute giraffe.


Prime examples of how Threadless is converging with the lowest common denominator. Here are shirts I found at Target's Web site that I could imagine being printed by the new Threadless:


I did notice that one of your slogans is actually a direct rip from Billy Madison...is that any different?


Ohh... I saw The Blood Hound Gang a few months ago... there was lots of vomit and spitting - and that was on stage... it was awesome... also, when I walk home from work I like to subsitute the 'The drummer in def leppard's only got one arm' lyric with 'the dog down the road's only got 3 legs'... cos, well... it does. Sorry, I'm drunk.


Threadless is makin' bank AND keeping things artistic (12 Month, Threadless Select.)

I can't blame them for that.


hey this guy sure has alot of target worthy slogans

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