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I like to see other people's stats so post yours in here if you like :)

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guys like the boobies more


Wow, not one of you deserves a single one of those zeros. I wonder how jealous and petty a person must be to zero something that, while not their tastes, shows obvious talent.

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i was just thinking about this last night before i fell asleep actually

i know there have been a bazillion threads on how people vote differently but i guarantee even if the highest rated design in the history of threadless put their skinny stats up here (which i would be extremely interested in seeing) you would still see 50+ zeros in the mix

who are those sour pusses and what was their reasoning for giving an F on the final product?


Hmmm, my stats aren't showing up. Here they are for the mario one up yonder.

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I think alex actually posted House Brawl's stats in some thread and yes, there were zeroes

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My best:

my worst:


wow I just realized I seem to get waaaay less total votes than others.

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ThomJohn on Aug 03 '11 at 8:43pm wow I just realized I seem to get waaaay less total votes than others.

Well most of my subs have similar stats like the one you showed, but my "URL LINK" got around 1,600 reblogs on tumblr, so I think if you can get on the threadless tumblr the numbers go higher quicker.

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This is probably my best; it has the most "I'd Buy Its" at least

I tend to only get 30 I'd Buy Its, though, I can't believe people get over a hundred!

sweet n sour
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the graph is satisfyingly flat though


Stats for this puppy: Lulz. Didn't break the triple digits for 0s, didn't break the double digits for $s. You could say I'm a god among men.

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