Wanna help me win a trip to Paris? Yeah you do!

Hey Threadless,

So. I wanted to enter this contest to win a trip to Paris, but I knew I needed some help to execute my idea. I had to create an image or illustration based on the theme "Picture Yourself in Paris." I decided to ask some fellow Threadstaff to lend a hand. Thanks to the awesome photography and photoshopping skillz of Nikki Carlson and awesome illustration skillz of Alex Solis, I was able to submit this awesome entry:

I just found out last night that my entry made the top 10! Apparently 1,800 people entered. I couldn't believe it. I started running around my house like a crazy person. Because, if I win, I win two round-trip tickets to Paris and five nights in a fancy pants hotel.

So now, I'm asking for your help. I need more votes than all the rest, and voting closes August 1. If you would be so kind as to like Air France USA on Facebook and like my entry, I would be so so happy.

Watch this

I'm on it. Paris is AWESOME! Good luck :)


Gay Paris! Yay! Also, I forgot to mention that I try to vote on every Threadless sub eva. And I help run the Threadless Tumblr with Aled and SpeedyJoe and pimp out y'alls designs all the time. :-)


Voted. Winning.


I would but I'm not on FesseBouc. Good luck! If you win I do expect having some drinks with ya =)

Now where's my beret. Didn't wear it since the late 40's XD


I hate the F place and only go there if I absolutely have to, but I went there for you! :) Would love to see you win. :)


It's true! I promised to fly Alex to Chicago if I win!


you are winning by far :) you'r only real competition is a dog :)

speedyjvw profile pic Alumni

woop woop


I hope so! But it's not over until it's over...


Hi All. Voting is still open for a few more hours if you wanna vote for me. I was really dominating until one of the other finalists suddenly got 600+ votes in 24 hours.... Anyway, I emailed the contest people about it and hopefully they're looking into it. Meanwhile, I'm just trying to finish strong!

So if you'd like to help out, like this page on Facebook and vote for my photo. See if you can get your friends to do it too. http://www.facebook.com/AirFranceUSA?sk=app_221469827886490


I did it.


Thanks guys! I'm pretty sure I found his profile on Facebook. He has one friend. And all his wall posts are about contests. It's pretty shady.


^that means i votererererered!


Haha awesome! Thanks! No word yet back from the contest organizers, but I think I freaked out the cheater dude with my recent push for votes. He just instantly acquired 20 more!


He probably doesn't even know what Paris is!


Done and done. That's 549 votes now.


You won, well done!!!

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omg i just liked it then i saw you won!!! congrats!!!!


Yay! Congrats! I am excited for you. :) And it is so cool that everyone here pulled together for you. :)


THANK YOU so much for everyone who voted! I am so appreciative. I was so surprised by how many people rallied and got more votes from me once that cheater dude started accumulating all those votes. By the time they disqualified him, I had a gazillion votes!

I appreciate all the help more than you can imagine. Paris is my DREAM city and I am so thrilled to go back and visit all my friends there! I love everything about it and will have an amazing time there.

This week has been amazing and all I can say is thank you. :-)

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ohhh man! congrats!!!! have a blast


Woah, congratulations!! That's awesome :)

Nice work, everyone!


congrats! have fun there!

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