I'm proud to be Public Animal Number 9.

So this is pretty much the greatest thing I've heard all day.

I work at an animal hospital, and for the past few months a stray kitten named Sox has been staying with us. I brought her home with me a few times to play with my kitty, but I didn't want to keep Sox. (She's the black and white cat in the picture below.)

A couple of weeks ago, I walked into work and there was a note on Sox's cage: "I have a new home now. Alice Cooper is my new daddy." I immediately thought, "OH MY GOD, ALICE COOPER!" But I didn't think he was really the new owner of this kitten, so I forgot about it. (I mean, it's possible there's another guy named Alice Cooper... right?)

Well, earlier I was at a staff party and found out that the Alice Cooper is taking this kitten. The daughter of one of the receptionists somehow knows him and is coming to pick up Sox at the end of the month for him. We're going to try to get Alice to take a picture of himself with Sox.

Oh man, I know Alice Cooper's cat!

Watch this
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hahaha. wow!

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haha! shit that's sweet!


whoa that's awesome! :D

mrs. squid

Hey, lookpolish I like your name. I can't remember which Mystery Science Theater that was from. I feel like it's on the tip of my tongue.


The Horror of Party Beach (episode 817)

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Who's the puffy guy who's a big, blurry sex machine?


Is it my body?


horror of party beach! ahhaaha...zipperbutt

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makes my tattoos melt in the heat


I've basically been taking care of that kitten.

Alice owes me.

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tell him you really enjoyed "from the inside"


If ever I spoke with him, I imagine I'd have to drop to my knees and shout, "We're not worthy!"

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exqueeze me? baking powder?


this makes me so happy
i know alice cooper's cat
you should get a shirt made of the photo



Wegmans is a supermarket that sadly hasn't made it to Texas yet.

And chelly, don't believe for a second that I won't plaster a photo of Alice and Sox on any available space I find.


That's awesome :) I love cats. They're my weakness. It's amazing to hear ALICE COOPER has that cat now.

Thank you for the comment, btw :)


there's a blog on my site posted at the request of your Secret Valentine. It would be...uhm...good if you read it. lol.


that's crazy. In an awesome way.


my cat looks just like your cat. er....looked.

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