Beware of the big bad wolf

  • by Abharo
  • posted Jul 15, 2011

Just a wolf hoody design, I like how it turned out :)

Watch this

Just a wolf hoody design, I like how it turned out :)


I like the drawing, I'm thinking it might be better on the back so you don't get the zipper disturbing the design, or just put it on a pullover.


Agree with YadGadge. Beautiful design, but i wouldn't want it if I was going to destroy the beautiful picture every time I wore my hoodie unzipped. Maybe like a small copy of one of its eyes or something on the front left chest? And then the full wolf on the back. Just a thought, but i think it would be perfect displayed across the back of a hoodie.


agree with yadgadge and darkling lady. Back of the hoodie would be better, but I still love the design, it's beautiful and this is awesome.


Thanks guys! I'll re-post the design at the back of the hoodie.I was thinking the same...


scott!! hahahaha

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