The Clapping Monkey

  • by .java
  • posted Jul 15, 2011

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hey everyone, rnrnI wanted to make the words fit the music on the description but I'm not sure about that because I am deaf. I need some critique on this design. tell me if you have any good suggestions for these words. rnrnthanks!rnrnother question: should this pic be with or without description?


Maybe you could highlight the special parts like jukebox, echo, ... and make the technical stuff in the background a little bit lighter. Because at the moment, if you see the design of a little distance it gets a gray mass. You could also outline these parts in an other color or use a glow to outline them??!


I firstly want to say this is an awesome design, nice work here!!!!!!!

I really don't think anything is needed here, its all perfect! How about seeing it on a tee? Nice work again !!!

Can you comment on my critique?


i got nothing to say this one is awwwwwwesome ! just one thing like others said make the text little bit bigger .... let me know when you submit it i'd vote $$$$$5 ! pls help by voting / commenting!


Incredible...can't wait to see it on a tee! Some of the details might be hard to see once you actually put it on a tee, so maybe try making all the colors a bit darker? It looks great though, and after that you're ready to submit!

If you get the chance, please vote! Thanks so much!


Great design! :) Text could be scaled a bit, but i think that you need to highlight those parts and maybe change the color of those lines that are linking the words and the parts on a monkey, or maybe add those lines white outlines, you'll need to make them thicker i guess:P... you have to look closely to see exactly, where are those lines going, and that's not good i think. I hope i've helped :) Good luck.

If you find some time, could you take a look at my newest design? it would really help :P


That's so cool, I would like to see it on a shirt, maybe a beige shirt or a white one most definitely. After you put it on a shirt show us and submit 'cause it's pretty awesome, maybe the words a bit bigger so people are able to see them? But I like it, it says music all over :)

BTW, would you be so kind to Click here - "The Drunken Pirate Samurai Penguin" to comment & score my submission? Thank you :)

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thank you for your cool support! I hope you will like this new version.

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Without description

Luis Ferraez

I disagree about adding a shadow, since it's simpler this way and it's more like a sketch of the monkey's design rather than the monkey itself, I would submit as it is rate/comment mine

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