Bad landlords

My landlord is a nervous bird woman. She's that kid's parent or the person you work with in the government or a school: the loud, overweight, middle-aged one at the office who never shuts the fuck up and always frets about everything. I told her my dryer is crapping out, and because she spent a bunch of money on the condo recently doing cosmetic repairs she asked me to "make it last," whatever that means.

Tell me your landlord horror stories.

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haha "nervous bird woman" describes so much about a person in 3 words


In my last apartment, the ceiling in the bathroom started to get these huge bubbles of water under the paint because a pipe had cracked and there was leaking. The building manager yelled at me for this happening a day after the plumber was there. Like I had any control over when pipes crack... Then to fix it, they just came in and popped the bubbles, leaving my bathroom a watery wreck, and then scraped the paint off where it got messed up. That's how it looked when I returned home from work. Water and bits of peeled paint all over the floor. The walls and ceiling stayed jacked up until I moved out because I could never get them to repaint it.

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I was homeless for 6 weeks cause my landlord suddenly stopped paying the utilities and mortgage so the city shut everything down. She also shut off her phone... I dunno maybe she died. ON PURPOSE.

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I had a landlord with a coke habit once when I was in college. We would have parties, and she would come by at like 3 in the morning all coked out hooping and hollering. She busted in a couple times the morning after and bitched at us for trashing the place.

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I roomed with a guy that owned a townhouse, wasn't big on the whole bill paying thing, so we'd be without power/gas/cable A LOT. Best was that the stove was leaking gas and he though a good way to maintain that was to light a candle by it to "burn off the excess gas". Cause, you know, that's completely safe. He


I'm dealing with the management at my last apartment not sending us our security deposit. It's pretty lame. And then we checked Yelp and saw that the management got horrible reviews.


we lived in huntington beach for five years paid cash for rent every month, on time and then on the anniversary of our fifth year he mailed a 30 day notice to us. couldn't even hand deliver it. no reason given and instead of fighting it we just found a killer place in long beach....

then, we filed a complaint to the IRS because we suspected that he wasn't filing that money as income....i hope they nail his lousy ass


oh, and the only reason we did the irs thing is bc if you give a tip, you get a 10% finders fee


my last landlord was ridiculous, every time he was having a "plumber", "electrician", "contractor", or "exterminator" come over, IT WAS THE SAME ASIAN GUY WITH A DIFFERENT HAT ON! LIKE WE WOULD BE FOOLED!

courtney pie

When I was roommates with my friend Lisa our we moved to a really cool older apartment building. After about a month, the bathroom flooded. Thru the shower .. with the upstairs neighbors bathroom stuff. This happened about 4 times in 6 months. The landlord was kind of a douche about the carpet and cleaning vs replacing as well as replacing our damaged bathroom linens.

We found the California renters code showing that flood damages are the landlords responsibility to repair or replace (up to twice a year). But he was still being rude about it, so we bought new things, took the total off the rent and sent him the receipt with the check.

We ended up moving out shortly after the 4th flooding.

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Oh, once I had this other deadbeat landlord...what a dick. There was a bad storm and a tree limb from one of our trees broke off and really did a number on the neighbor's house. Of course, the landlord was nowhere to be found. He didn't return phone calls for the rest of the lease (a couple of months). I know he was alive because he cashed our rent checks. We even sent him a letter with the last months rent telling him about the damage, and that check got cashed, so we knew that he knew.


Hmm, never really had a bad landlord. I get super anal with walk-in inspections. I fill that sheet up with tiny writing and take a bunch of pics so I don't get screwed over with security deposits.

I know this one lady though who was living in an apartment with her mom. The mom, who was in her 80's, then obviously the woman wants to get out of her lease and move. Well she had just resigned for another year like a month earlier. Heh, so management collects on her for the entire year, which is their right because she broke the lease. But then they rent it out to a new family. That's pretty low if you ask me.


Lol @ same Asian guy different hat.

Conversly, tenants tend to do a lot of funny and/or despicable things as well. There are 3 things that I have learned to be universally true when it comes to a house freshly moved out of.

  1. There WILL be trash
  2. Half of the lightbulbs will be burnt out
  3. Something will be broken/damaged, along with piss-poor attempts to hide that damage. Example; I walk into a completely empty bathroom..cept for this odd toilet tank cover. "Hmmm, wonder what this is about? People still use these things?" Then I take the tank cover off to find the tank lid broken in half, haha like I was never going to find out. roll eyes

Before my ex and I moved up here, we drove the 3 1/2 hours to go apartment hunting, and when we found this place, the landlady, Kim, told us to mail the first month's rent and she'd get all the appliance's installed. (The place was brand new, and had no fridge, oven, or dishwasher.) So we sent it. And she cashed it.

Cut to a month and a half later when we move in, and there's no fridge and no oven, and there's a guy here asking for rent for January. (Apparently even though we told her we wouldn't move until the new year, first month's rent to her meant the month of December.) I'd brought up food that I then had to throw away, and we didn't know our way around, so we had to keep calling Aaron's friends and have them google places to eat for us. The first night we were here, the heater went out. We called Kim and told her, and she told us there was nothing she could do until Monday (it was Saturday) and "I hope you have warm blankets." It was about 20 degrees outside. Thankfully, Aaron figured out how to fix it, and we didn't freeze.

And every time we called her, she wouldn't answer, but would call back later from an untraceable phone. When the property got repossessed, it was AWESOME. I hope she lives in a shack under a bridge now.


I had another landlord for a while, but then he went bankrupt, too, and now my apartments are owned by the bank. It's weird.


my lights and water were cut regularly cos my landlady would spend my rent on handbags and groceries


Was she the one who left a meatball sandwich in your fridge?


I have more being a landllord horror stories than I do having a landlord horror stories. :(


I'm technically a landlord to my mom, and it's been a hellish nightmare.


Because fish can cause all sorts of noise and damage. Sheesh.


my old landlords were a pain in the ass.. the downstairs door lock was broken, so anybody could get in, so somebody broke into my apartment while I was in my room (my door was closed, the apartment door was not locked).. I sent them an email to ask them to fix the door because I didn't feel safe but never ever got a reply..

also, our lease was limited because the place would be eventually torn down, so we found something new some months before the lease was up. Normally you can cancel any lease three months in advance, but they refused to do that. When we found somebody to sub rent the place they where all picky that they first had to confirm that she could stay there. She then took over the lease because the decided that everybody could stay another half a year. She sent them all her files but didn't hear back if it was ok that she takes over the lease. I think she finally got her contract on the last day of the month when our original contract was finished and got a phone call a day later if she had already signed her contract and send it back..

It was my biggest satisfaction that this place was squatted about a month after everybody had moved out..


How about bad homeowners?

This is what immature crybabies do when they get their house foreclosed on.

First they take bags of cheap candy and melt it into the carpet. carpet was going to be replaced anyway genius

Then they take crayon and draw a big penis w/ hairy balls on the living room wall. Sorry, already deleted that one haha. All in an attempt to get back at "the man" for doing them wrong. rolleyes

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How were they supposed to know that they couldn't afford a $400,000 house when they had a combined income of $38,000 a year? I mean really.

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She always sends emails to my boyfriend and only cc's me and only addresses him, like I am not a paying, functioning member of the household. I hate latent sexism.

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