Mind Powers

  • by wildnine
  • posted Jul 12, 2011

Watch this

How does it look?


Hehe, nice one =) But (yeah, there is always a "but" ^^), i think the reflection in the water is too keen. You just have to look at it 2 times to really see, that it is a reflection. Perhaps change the opacity of the reflection?


I'm not sold on the typeface... not sure why. Maybe a sans-serif. Also, I don't think you need the asterisk. The color and size change do the work for you.

Check out Year of the Beard


He's already using a sans-serif font. I think the font he has works, since it kind of looks liquid-y, but I sort of hate how the letters look in all capitals. But I suppose I'm going to hate any font in all capitals since few are designed for that.

I agree on the reflection needing to be softened up a bit and not needing an asterisk. Parentheses make more sense, if you have anything at all.

The size font of the second sentence is going to force people to squint at the person's stomach all day.


Yep, drop down the opacity in that reflection, it'll help pretty much, maybe change the shape of that melted ice water? cause now it doesn't look that way... i know that everyone knows that what it is but it has such a concrete shape... I really like the design tho, i really do. I'd definitely scale up the text and maybe change the font to some threadless one. Just look for some slogans that are made with nice fonts. I hope i've helped :P Good luck :)

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Great advice, thanks all!

I am not totally happy with the font either. I was thinking of writing it in myself because I do like the handwritten aspect but this font has a slight italic tilt to it that maybe doesn't fit... or of course I could find a new font.

I think I will also change the subtext to "Takes approximately 10 minutes.", so it doesn't sound like he is conceding that it sounds ridiculous, but actually believes he has that power.


New font (Kim's Handwriting), faded reflection, etc.


Added drop a solid shadow to the new font


WOW the icecube is beautifully rendered!! i could definitely see this as a type-tee!

if you have a minute i would really appreciate a critique: CANN-APPLE!


Thank you all for the kind words =)


funny idea. i like most of it, but not crazy about the drop shadow on the font.

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Hm. I don't like the font. Cursive isn't really fitting. I must admit that i like version 1 better (for the font!). Nice to see, that you adjusted the reflection =)

Would enjoy you to critique mine


Perfect ice cube indeed. And yeah, go for a more simplistic font. Really good otherwise!

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OMG this is so beautifully epic! I love it :) please submit it asap!


Trying a new font called Aller. Love it or hate it?


Think the font is way better and much bolder than the other version. not sure about copyright issues with fonts might be something you have to check out unless you have then never mind. Good work and I love the ice cube.

If you wouldn't mind...



I actually prefere the font in version three and I also liked the asterix. Great idea though. Have you tried putting the ice cube in the middle with the first line of writing above and the second below?

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I like the older font, I say sub with that version!


Hmm alright I will try v3 font again but different

I did try putting first line above and second line below but it didn't feel too great


Does this look any better? I am terrrrible with typography apparently lol


Haha, funny stuff. Nicely rendered ice cube too. I like it. I'm kind of torn between the font on V4 and V5. I like both actually, and think it depends who you ask what preference your going to get on them. I like the boldness of the font on version4, but I also like the loose handwritten feel of version 5. Not at all helpful I know. I'd say sub the one that you like the most, because you'll probably find a split with everyone elses opinion. Or would it hurt to offer both font choices in your sub? Not sure how that would be received. Good luck :)


I agree with MacGuffin that the the last two fonts are the best, I prefer the most recent. Although I don't think think the "it just takes a couple of minutes" is needed. The melted ice still seems too solid to me, I think that part should be more transparent or a darker tone. Ice is a lighter color because of the light passing through it, but water on a surface usually is darker than the surface, so this reads a bit like ice on a puddle of liquid metal or slightly blue milk. The image of the ice itself is great, and I love your use of halftone patterning. Well done!

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Thanks guys! Your input is much appreciated; I am no longer on the fence about it and am going to go forward with the current version.


It's a great and witty t-shirt. Love the typeface used. What is it by chance?

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I love it but I don't think you need the line "It just takes a couple of minutes." But if you do keep it make it bigger cause no one will see it the size it is now.

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