Earth the sun farts here

  • by compose
  • posted Jul 11, 2011

Watch this

awesome phrase compose ! i think you need to o something more with the design,give it a funny look,your phrase is supper funny and design needs to be too ! Check out mine pls

Ellsswhere profile pic Alumni

the design def needs more attention, nobody will think this deserves 2000$ as there is a 500$ payout for 'slogans' which this pretty much is

it needs at the least more detail on the earth and maybe even a sun or fireball near 'farts here' maybe


Thank you for the feedback all! As I got familiar with the content on the website I realized that this is not exactly the right place to post such a design as it's just a rip off of a beer brand. I will probably remove it and post some other stuff.


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