The Superheroes Smile

  • by Scottsvc
  • posted Jul 11, 2011

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This design was inspired by my first Threadless design (submitted almost a year ago). This time round, I've revamped my entire design idea, with the same concept but the fusion of the cartoon heroes instead. Hope you guys like it :)


It is cool just a lot going on in the shirt...maybe try and put the characters with their key colors like the smurf blue and batman grey or a dark blue, the turtle green, that is a turtle right?


i love your concept, it's brilliant. But this piece is a little too colorful for my liking. Maybe you should stick to one tone. It's just my personal preference.


I agree with the colors ideas, I think it would also be cool if you played with scale. Optimus Prime is definitely bigger than a smurf, it could be really neat if you adjusted their sizes to fit their characters, may make it a bit easier to pick them all out.

I love the concept though, and I love all the outlines you have.

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cool idea. i also agree with Lordrych on the colors. right now they're kinda all over the place and don't match their characters. if you can keep the colors close, maybe all muted or something, so they aren't so much in contrast with each other, that might help too.


hi everyone! tks for the feedback :)

keep em' coming!


Nice concept, but yeah, you have to change the colours, it looks horrible colour wise for now.


cute ideea, you gotta love 80's toons! I agree with salman, you need to tone down the colors just a touch! :D thanks for the comment!


agree with everyone else, everything is good with the exception of the colors. too bright =p


tks everyone for the feedback :)


if i were you, i would drop all the funny figures like smurfs and concentrate all the superheroes instead - like spiderman, batman, x-men, iron man.


noted everyone!


Drop the fancy colors. Make the design more relevant with the inclusion of more superheroes. Use one color with a variation of different tones. Hope you guys like it. :)


this version is awesome. push it for scoring. it's one of the best improvement I've seen today. great work!


Agreed, that white in the eyes is too striking, also the design is a bit hectic with all the shapes. What if you took a circle that was a slightly different shade of yellow (but different enough so all your figures would still stand out) and created the eyes and mouth through negative shapes? So they would actually be the color of the shirt? That might be awful advice, I have no idea how it's going to affect the design, but I think it would be 1,000,000 times better if you resolved the eyes and mouth differently. Strong sub either way.

Also, I'd appreciate your 2 cents on my design if you would be so kind. In plain sight


I think its good to go too! First looking at this tho it reminded me of watchmen and I tried picturing it with a blood drop on it. Lol a little extra maybe, and I'm not sure if that would take away from the overall idea with the cross over of superheros (probably) However regardless its awesome! Good job!!

Mind giving mine a critique?

Dali Cat


Clever idea with the drop of blood. If the silhouettes were all a bright yellow instead of mixed, I think it'd work better. One hero being red would be neat, but might be too much of a reference to watchmen though. I'd suggest making the eyes and mouth black if you're keeping it on a gray shirt.

If you've got a chance, give me some advice on You're Appealing please!


i love this design too people, but Threadless community says it has some copyright infringement thing going on.. so.. oh well :(

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