4 spot-color, full front print

Watch this

Simple but cool


Destination Chaos. I wonder if the comet that missed the Earth by a mere 7500 km on the 27th of June 2011 was this pretty in the sky. I Guess we'll see if and when it comes back. And no they didn't tell us for the 5 days they knew it was coming the first time, so they won't tell us if it's on the way back. Gives them clear roads to bunker down, for those they want to live. When politicians go quiet you should probably worry. Still hoping it will not return though. Oh yeah, cool design, but it needs a sliver of the Earth as a target, LOL.


I want this t NOW!.. In a nice charcoal gray

illegitimate press

Thanks for the comments. I just started an account here. This is my first submission.

Kyle Machado

you have talent for designing...print me one!

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